Friday, April 3, 2009


Sometimes i wonder is there any true friendship that last long?

I have been thinking about that recently. almost everyday. and that really makes me feel frusfrated. Why? there is reason of course.

Some ppl say 'your friend may become your enemy one day' lol. if that really happens, it's so sad... it may happen in the working world. very realistic. and i think gonna face it few years after i graduate ACCA ^^ ( i can do it! )juz have to prepare for it.

the new one is preferred but the old one has been thrown away. this is really sad and dissapointing. and i hate that. i hope i am not wrong. and i hope it is not what i thought.

i confess that i really have one true friendship that last long. and i dun wan to lose it. never ever. and i hate to be alone without friends. They are important to me. and i think that the person really understands ppl well. tolerating and humble. that is the type of person that i am always finding. sadly i think i have only one. see whether i can meet another one in my future.

It's hard to judge due to some situations. cuz things will change. whether slowly or suddenly. so what to do is simply have to just accept it. we cannot blame anyone. maybe it is a fate.

i dunnoe whether i should ignore, forget or solve the problem. maybe i am a coward.
or dun wan to face the reality. anyway thanks to friends who gave me suggestions and helped me =)

Friends ......

peace V !

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