Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Duh~ Today

gosh, i hate tuesday. you noe why? as usual wake up 6.15am very early in the mornin and reach college at 6.50am (frm tues to fri). LOL. gila merh. feel so sleepy. cuz normally the previous day wil study till midnight only go to bed. swt. what to do. i have to do that. somemore usually have no time to study on tuesday. at night go piano class until almost 10 pm. reach home ady oso felt tired. what to do. idle tuesday! haha XD

alright. today morning raining. feel very sleepy. yst nite slept @ 12 am i think. walao almost can't tahan. the weather so nice makes me wanna sleep. hehe...a cup of hot milo really wakes me up. haha. then went to find father. haha. din see me leh. i went upstairs earlier. O.o got secondary skul students come to college for dunnoe what event. it reminds me of my secondary skul life.

Mr Tan's class was quite good. Mr Jack's class pula. i gave him the cupcake. come on la dun react like that la. the cupcake is just an appreciation ok? =)
had test again. argh got mixed up with something. next time dun repeat mistake ya.
oh my god. T5 makes me feel quite stressed. left not much time. gotta learn many chapters in a short time. Gambateh to my classmates oso ya! let's get through this!

haiz...sorry to my classmates. the Pulau Redang trip i cannot go ady. you all enjoy bah~

had lunch @ cafeteria with classmates. then went for MS class. swt had test again.hmm thanks to vivian and yuet for advising me. i really appreciate it ^^ and thanks for the willingness to listen to my problems. and sorry if i had hurt ur feelings or make you feel uncomfortable.

this evening went jogging alone~ 3 rounds of my housing area man~ duh~ but very good. can exercise to relax ^^

duh~ now really tired. cannot study liao T.T

ahh got tests on fri! *help*

tmr will be a better day

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