Friday, April 17, 2009


yahoo today only 2 hours of lecture! met primary friend in the lift. haha. chatted for a while and i leave before her. swt the class is occupied cuz others having exam. haiyo why everytime i am the first one who go to the class. really lonely~ called carmen to ask where is our class. then called nick oso .kena find class at 4th floor pula =.= finally have one class ady. make me sweat before class pula. oh my i like the class. got natural light coming in =P better than the normal class there. like kena lock in room without outside world. lol. hope can have class there ^^

haiz...T4! i can't control myself and tears rolled down because of that silly stupid thing. i noe shouldn't be like that because of that. it's my fault din study enough lo. nevermind. work harder! i can do it! juz like last time the T2 paper. I hope so =P go go GO!!! like Ms Teh said : '' I CAN'T AFFORD TO FAIL! "

fini class! went lunch alone. hehe nice chicken rice! ^__^ after that went back library. then went to the evil place. i asked why my account is disabled. SWT!!! the person told me i din pay fees! so angry!!! this is not the first time ady. then i showed the official receipt. then she called the financial department to settle the problem. what a poor coordination! rm 600 leh you want me to pay again ah??

2.30 pm went another lunch with ying han ^^ swt too many choices until we dunnoe what to choose. walao the weather very hot! then we decided to share the porridge ^^ nice porridge!!! hehe...thank you ying han =)

went back library again. ying han got physics test. lol i was forcing myself to study T4. MUST!

went find ying han again after she finish her exam. chatted for a while then she went back home.

CAT is getting harder...
but i believe deep foundation bright future
study hard !!!!
i won't let u all feel dissapointed
especially mr jack
i noe how much is your effort and i appreciate it

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