Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tired Day >.<

LOL yst study frm 8pm to 1am juz for the one T5 chapter. got test ma...haiz... and today i was so so soooo sleepy. Mr Tan's class eyes wanna close. Mr Jack's class oso la at the beginning. Swt! last time i used to sleep at 1am no problem but seems like now cannot ady T.T but luckily i can absorb what they teach.

tmr holiday! hmmph~ no big deal. cuz many things still need to do.

today went out lunch with ying and phuah. aiyo~ u 2 ah dunnoe what are u all talking about. phuah kept talking the word. the food oso cannot eat liao lo. phuah ah you ah keep talking funny things i wanna slap u. hehe... (sry ying i am just joking =P)

Dad went to the car workshop to get his repaired car. lol i waited in the library for almost 2 hours. ended up 8 pm only reached home. and now i am super tired than ever. but nvm, i can experience life as an ACCA student XD i hear that their timetable is frm 8 am to 8 pm something like that. oh my god...i gonna face it soon...

gtg rest. or not i will collapse XD
have a nice day =)

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