Wednesday, April 15, 2009

101 !

Well, so far i had posted 100 blogs. What an achievement. lol. joking.

Hmmph~ studies going on, life is going on. oh yea there will be mock exam next week. haiz... Mr Jack is giving stress. i can imagine how thick are the revision packs and he showed us today. okay, i will be a good girl and follow your instructions. do not kick me out of class =.=

T3 and T4 is squeezing my brain to the limit. guess what, my piano project is abandoned. i wanna finish it by this week! but i lazy to do it...i rather focus on studies first since next week mock exam liao. i just hope i won't be barred frm taking exams.

these few days i have been going to bed very late. every morning kena nagging frm my mum >.< i can't wake up in the morning and i felt sleepy in class. lol. luckily not that serious la... juz that i need to sleep! semester break i make sure i sleep enough enough! =P

argh exams exams exams. 5 more hours of driving lesson to go! P license i will get YOU!!!

study hard and smart
strive for the best
Gambateh and good luck to everyone!

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