Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cuppa Kaffe, SS15 Subang Jaya

With this cafe opened for less than a month at the popular SS15 Subang area, the place is fast becoming a favourite hangout spot especially for college students to chill with friends or even completing assignments with a good cuppa. As a coffee lover, I was looking forward to the quality and taste of coffee that they could offer, given that the owner, Ben brought in Australian concepts and culture to his cafe. Cuppa Kaffe also serves pasta, rice, Western food, sandwiches and various types of cakes, making it a one stop cafe that promotes convenience as well.

Cozy and comfortable ambience

Mocha will always be my first choice whenever visiting a cafe. It pretty much provides first impression, and I am glad that it gave a good one. The appearance is already promising enough with chocolate powder dusting on the edge of glass cup, contributing a reminding and comforting chocolate flavour along with fragrant body from coffee. Certainly satisfying balance of chocolate and coffee, does not overpower each other at all. Easily one of the best mocha around. 

Mushroom soup

Would be better if there are more mushroom chunks or slices of button mushrooms to contribute extra texture plus flavour. A rather ordinary soup that is hardly memorable. On the positive side, I liked the soft onions inside which gave extra sweetness and specialty.

Seafood Carbonara
Al-dente spaghetti cooked with prawns, squids and mussels in cream sauce. The cream sauce had decent creaminess and thickness, rich in garlic fragrance too. I don't mind the sauce to be even thicker, to coat the pasta strands better to enhance slurp factor. The seafood was really fresh- succulent sweet prawns, fresh mussels and bouncy squids. At only RM12.90, this was quite a steal.
Beef Bacon Carbonara
This contains the thickness of cream sauce that I prefer over seafood carbonara, sinful yet yummy! How I wish the sauce here is the same as earlier :P Probably the chef does not want thick cream sauce to overpower the freshness of seafood.
Seafood Marinara
Al-dente spaghetti cooked in marinara sauce with prawns and mussels. I find the sauce was lacking in tangy tomato flavour and rather salty. Despite of that. the cheese powder provided a strong inviting aroma. Again, I enjoyed the fresh seafood very much. A little more tweaking in this dish would improve the overall taste.
Chicken Carbonara
Decent plate of al-dente spaghetti cooked in adequately smooth and rich cream sauce, accentuated by little saltiness and extra flavour from cheese powder.
Pepperoncino with Squids
Aside from the spaghetti with al-dente texture, I liked the numbing sensation on the lips that the dried chillies provided. On the down side, it was rather dry, perhaps more olive oil and boiling pasta broth could do better just like how the usual Aglio Olio is cooked. The squid rings did not dissapoint us, given its bouncy and slightly crunchy texture. Some might not prefer cheese powder to be added in this light pasta to not overpower goodness from oilve oil, but it was alright for me.
Chicken Maryland
Breaded chicken fillet served with fries, onion rings and coeslaw. The coating of chicken somehow reminds me of fried banana batter. The chicken was rather dry and bland, a little more seasoning will suit my tastebuds better. I liked the fact that the coeslaw is very light in mayonnaise, unlike others that has more cloying mayo than vege.
Chicken Chop

Black pepper flavoured chicken chop served with mushroom sauce, coeslaw, onion rings and french fries.

The chicken was satisfyingly tender, with extra aroma and spice from the black pepper as well as light mushroom sauce that complements everything well. Again, the coeslaw was enjoyable. One of the foodies commented that the onion rings were hard to chew, a better quality or control in frying time would be better. There were extra mushroom sauce provided, which was way too bland and diluted. We did not care much about it, as the sauce coating on the chicken was good enough.

 Smoked Salmon with Salad

Just the perfect salmon texture, not overgrilled resulting in tender and juicy fish texture. Initially I thought that the black pepper would cover the freshness of salmon, but I was wrong. In fact, the freshness and and overall taste were enhanced nicely. The salmon skin was partly crunchy, definitely scored some brownie points.

Honey Beef Ribs

Chicken Chop Fried Rice
A popular dish among college students that is suitable to fill up tummy fast. I prefer my fried rice to contain more wok hei, which seems to be lacking in here. Probably the rice was not well tossed enough, some parts were rather bland but some has enough seasonings. The chicken chop lightly smothered with mushroom sauce was average.
Hazelnut Truffle- Soft yet moist and does not taste too sweet

Oreo cake with banana and chocolate mousse like texture in the centre. Nice chocolatey base from Oreo cookies, coupled with extra flavours from slightly mashed banana.

Moist chocolate cake with hazenut chocolate mousse. A cake that I would not mind ordering again, forget about the calories! The mousse blended very well with dense chocolate cake layer. 

Light in mascarpone cheese and coffee taste, a decent pick me up. Some might prefer stronger taste but it was alright for me.

White chocolate mousse. A tad too sweet, mousse has very smooth texture.
Lichi Chocolate- similar to Hazelnut Truffle minus hazelnut tase. Nice soft chocolate sponge that warrants a second bite.

Cheese Cake. This is for those who does not like overpowering cheese flavour. Light enough for the tummy even after a heavy meal, with decent cookies base.

63, 1st floor, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500
(Opposite Asia Cafe)

Opening hours:
11am -12 am Daily

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