Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eastern Crabs, Plaza Ampang City

This is going to be a guest post done by Adlen, my foodie partner. I was busy preparing for exams so he was attending the food review session on behalf of me. Let's see what he has got to say about the food and drinks served on that night.

Crab Meat with Shark’s Fin Soup in Superior Broth
Reasonably thick superior broth consistency ladened with crab meat, crab roe, silvers of sharks fin and egg drop. A good starter with decent taste and freshness to warm up the tummy.

Sautéed Chicken with Pepper & Black Bean Sauce
Overall it had a balanced flavour of savouriness from soy sauce and black bean. Chicken slices were easily consumed since it is in bite sized pieces, with tender texture as well. Onions, green and red peppers definitely gave extra good crunch and source of fibre. 
Fried Siakap with Asam (Sour & Spicy) Paste
Similar to Kam Heong sauce but with slight sourish twist. Freshness of the fish is average, paired well with the Asam sauce. A dish full of appetizing flavour, good to go with a bowl of steamed rice.
Steamed Pomfret in Soy Sauce

Fish meat had adequate freshness with tender meat texture. Complemented well with soy sauce which provides savoury taste with a hint of sweetness that it should have.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Salt & Pepper
Chicken wings were reasonably tender but not crispy enough. The brown separated flakes resembles oat texture, which is rather soft, lacking in crispiness and too spicy.
Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab
Generous amount of grainy particles containing garlic, onions and red chilli padi. The crab meat was rather dissapointing as some of the texture was too soft and lacked freshness, but some were acceptable in terms of freshness. Perhaps the mixture of brown particles seems to cover the natural taste of crabs.
Singapore Chilli Crab
Sri Lankan crabs were chosen in this dish, which are quite fresh but the soft texture appears to be a concern. Drenched in thick spicy gravy which has hint of tomato flavour, it is spicier than the crab dish mentioned previously, richer in flavours. This deserves to be paired with toasted bread, given the flavourful sauce would complement well with plain crispy bread.
A very memorable dish excecuted well by pairing creamy salted egg sauce with prawns. Prawns were boasted with freshness and succulent meat texture.
Eastern Special Seafood No. 1 Hot Pot
Contains good spread of seafood items such as crab claws, squid, scallops, fish, prawns and beancurd. All of the seafood were very fresh, further enhanced by the starchy flavourul sauce that infuses the goodness of seafood. Another well cooked dish that most of us like it very much.
Mapo Bean Curd with Chicken Meat & Chili Sauce
A spicy dish due to the addition of red chilli padi, which I expected dried chillies to be used initially. A decent tasting dish with a more apprent soy sauce flavour.
Fried Broccoli topped with Crab Meat
Fresh broccoli doused which starchy sauce containing fresh small pieces of crab meat, a comforting and homey dish indeed. I like that the broccolis are not overcooked, retaining adequate crunch, sweetness and bright green colour. The size of broccoli could be bigger to enhance overall appearance of the dish.

Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo
Incredibly rich, thick and creamy dessert that makes us craving for more after the first sip. Filled with sago, pamelo and mango cubes, we enjoyed the overall flavour a lot. Definitely a cooling dessert that offsets the heat from spicy dishes we had earlier.
Hong Kong Ice Lemon Tea
Good thirst quencher but needs a stronger lemon taste to contribute extra sour tinge.
Eastern Crabs
G-02, Ground Floor,
Plaza Ampang City,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone:03-4251 4528
Business Hours:
Sunday hours 11:00 am–11:00 pm

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