Friday, June 28, 2013

Restoran G-Pot Steamboat 金宝火锅

There are just so many steamboat buffet outlets established out there, I believe customers would like to seek differentiation in what  proprietors can offer. Priorities should be balanced between tasty soup base and reasonable varieties of ingredients with quality, coming with an affordable price tag would be even favourable. Here at G-Pot, you can choose from four types of soup bases, namely- Clear Soup, Herbal Soup, Tom Yam Soup and Pumpkin Porridge Soup. Other than the usual big pot for a table of people to share with, there are other tables available installed with individual pots, suitable for hygiene conscious diners and would just prefer steamboat with one soup base.

While waiting for your food to be cooked, you can munch on some pre-cooked snacks such as fried wantons and fried chicken wings. Pretty good stuff I would say, who does not like crispy wantons with reasonably tasty pork fillings. The chicken wings are marinated with Nam Yue (fermented beancurd) and deep fried till crispy. I enjoyed the pleasant savoury flavour. Although the size of the wings are small, juiciness are still retained inside.

Meanwhile, it's time to check out the varieties of ingredients served at the food counters.Thinly sliced meat such as chicken, lamb, pork and beef are great for steamboat as well as BBQ with butter. There is a strong fishy smell detected right after sliding the freezer panes. For the processed meatballs selection, variety was fine but the quality of fish ball was a letdown. It was rather ‘flourish’, lacking  in fresh fish taste.  Prawns were sweet and succulent but that does not apply to clams.

 Herbal Soup and Pumpkin Porridge

Herbal Soup and Tom Yam Soup
Tom Yam soup had sour and spicy kick but not the best I have had. Pumpkin porridge lacked consistency in porridge texture, as well as very minimal pumpkin sweetness. Herbal soup was below average- lacked richness of aroma from Chinese herbs.   

 Lamb (top) and beef (down) in paper thin slices
 Pork (top) and chicken (bottom) in paper thin slices
Seafood ranging from crabs, bamboo clams, prawns, squids, fish slices and mussels

Variety of sauces for you to mix and match your desired dipping sauce

Most of us loved grilling the succulent and fresh meat slices
End your meal with some refreshing ice-cream, herbal jelly or red bean soup. Drinks are not included so you would have to purchase separately.

Overall there is nothing special that fascinates me, there is still a lot more room of improvement for them.
Sizzling BBQ & Steamboat
Adult: RM28.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM20.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM14.80 net

Steamboat only

Adult: RM23.80 nett
Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM18.80 nett
Children (Age 4-10): RM12.80 net


8, Jalan Kaskas,
Taman Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number
012-277 7238 or 012-391 3818


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guy's...just to update you'll ..
i went there on 14/10/2013(monday)..this place is CLOSED
down already

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