Friday, June 21, 2013

Lai Lai Casual Dining, Kuchai Lama

Kuchai Lama area is another hotspot for various dining outlets. I personally have only been there twice a year, imagine it. Until I was there few days ago, I knew I have to really explore this makan area again someday.

No fancy decorations here, it is the spacious and comfortable ambience that matters. The restaurant was packed to the brim on a Tuesday night. You can also choose to dine outside the restaurant, but seats there are pretty limited.

Herbal Dang Gui Duck Glass Noodle/ Rice Vermicelli (RM13.80)

As starter, we have this nourishing soup to warm up our tummy and prepare to savour the coming dishes. The experience is enhanced when it is being served in a hot claypot, so fret not that the soup will turn cold fast. If you dislike strong herbal taste, this soup is good for you as the mild aroma from Dang Gui and Wolfberries contributed pleasant taste. I personally find that the herbal taste was not strong enough to have the ‘oomph’ that provides comforting effect. The goodness from herbs and duck had partially infused to the broth, which I felt could be done better. The duck meat is easily shredded and tender, shown that it has been boiled for long hours. Although there was a thin layer of oil on the surface of soup, I was glad that it did not affect the overall taste that badly.

Lai Lai mass produces their ramen by making sure their own recipe is properly produced as final product in a factory.

Braised Pork Belly Ramen (RM11.80)

Half-lean half-fat pork belly layers that melts in your mouth easily
Ramen noodles served in milky coloured broth with braised pork belly slices, seaweed, fungus and spring onions. The braised pork belly is easily one of the best around, well braised resulting in balanced layers of tender meat and melting fats. Indeed, it is delicious and absorbed most of the flavours from the broth used for braising. As for the ramen, I find it slightly losing its springy texture, but perhaps it’s because of us taking quite some time to snap photos of this dish. Due to long hours of boiling, the broth resulted in milky colour that infuses the essence of pork. We find the broth just average, as it lacks the porky flavor that it should have. On the positive side, I was pleased with the broth that has slightly thick consistency.

Braised Pork Ribs Ramen (RM12.80)
The broth here was less thicker than the previous ramen, again, lacking in porky flavor. However, the braised pork ribs saved the dish. It was very flavourful with tender meat falling off the bone easily. I believe the extra savoury flavor from the ribs can help to balance up the taste from less outstanding broth. Perhaps a little more tweaking in this dish could provide customers with a better experience.

Braised Pork Rice (RM7.80)

Good old authentic braised pork rice are hard to come by nowadays. I am glad that I have found an affordable and tasty alternative. For only RM7.80 per bowl, this was quite a steal. Fluffy pearl rice topped with braised finely diced pork meat served with braised peanuts, braised eggs and pickled vegetables, this is a dish that deserves thumbs up. The braised meat was incredibly delicious in flavours and the melting fats certainly levels up the overall experience. I wouldn’t mind if the rice is drenched with more sauce, just a perfect combination together. Braised peanuts and eggs were decent, the pickles certainly provided appetizing sour taste that goes well together with other ingredients.  
Stewed Beef Noodles (RM13.80)

Tasting some noodles from this dish is no fault for a person like me who cannot take beef =P The noodles are pretty much similar to pan mee noodles, springy  and chewy texture. It is interesting to note that there is spicy twist coated on every strand of noodle. I would have to clarify with the chef on the ingredients that contributes the tolerable spicy flavour.

 Pepper Salt Chicken (RM7.80)
Juicy at the centre
A popular must-have dish in Taiwan, but you don’t need to fly there as you can get it right here. Bite sized pieces chicken meat lightly coated with flour and deep fried till golden crispy perfection, while still retaining juicy texture in the inside. It would be even better if the chicken pieces are well tossed with more salt and pepper to make up to ‘pepper salt’ chicken, thereby enhancing overall taste. The fried basil leaves served on the side was crunchy and contributed slight hint of additional aroma.

 Special Egg

After half-boiling the egg, the shell is peeled off then quickly soaked inside sugar water. This is to create and maintain soft egg white in the centre. Taste like ordinary soya sauce braised egg, nothing much to shout about other than the gooey egg white.

Bubble Red Milk Tea (RM5.80)

How can I say ‘no’ to one of my favourite beverages? :P Upon serving, there is a layer of foam showing the tea is well shaken with creamer and ice cubes. I liked the pleasant aroma contributed from the red tea, well mixed with adequate amount of creamer so the flavours are balanced. Aside from the smooth texture, however, I personally prefer a stronger red tea taste. As usual, the bouncy bubbles provided extra chewy texture at the same time with slight sweetness.

Red Bean Freeze (RM6.80)

Think of red bean potong ice cream and you will get the idea of this drink here. It simply revives childhood memories *slurps!* This drink is essentially made from ice blended with red bean and milk. First sip and the natural fragrance and sweetness from the red bean just hit the spot, not too sweet or cloying. Some additional ingredients such as red bean and konyakku jelly are added inside. I really like the QQ texture from the jelly.


Lai Lai Casual Dining
2G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Kuchai Lama,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number:



Jackson Khoo said...

I have tried their Braised Pork Ribs Ramen..Not bad, not bad...

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@Jackson Khoo: Glad to hear that. You should try the braised pork rice too :D