Thursday, December 30, 2010

Overview of 2010

#First time sending photo for RM 50 reward in The Star newspaper. Didn't manage to win though.

#First trip to Pulau Pangkor & first time snorkelling in my life

#Started to dislike people that I never thought of it will happen in reality

#Meeting Jolin Tsai for the second time

#Started to aim for a DSLR

#First time attending YES Challenge Judging Session

#Kelly Clarkson concert- my first ever opportunity to attend an indoor concert

#First time meeting T&J

#Graduated from CAT & started studying ACCA.

#Started driving to college using manual car! (sometimes auto) Girl power.

#Kena first summon in my life! *____* (got a discount in paying the fine -____-)

# F4 Corporate&Business Law still loves me

#Started working part time job as promoter for short term. Products done- Oreo, Chachos, Cadbury Chocolate& Anlene Concentrate. Slowly having the urge to work more often to earn more $$$

#Started using my own money to finance contact lens and outing expenses *shiok of independence*

#First time wearing coloured contact lenses

#Start to gain weight =O

#Slowly gaining earnings in Nuffnang =D Thanks to all my visitors!

#K750 phone pickpocket case in the bus. Used CSL temporarily. Samsung Jet S8003 as new phone from my dad

#Attending YES Challenge Red Carpet Party for the second time

#First time 'stalking' a DJ from MYFM =P

#First time hiking on Bukit Gasing with unimates

#Graduated from Grade 8 Piano, practical (second attempt) then followed by theory (first attempt)

#Missed an interview for position as piano teacher

#First time having skin infection

#First time helping out kindergarten teachers&children on their actual day of concert

#Officially active in Twitter -___-

#First time having meal at Fullhouse(Sunway Pyramid), Baskin Robbin, Seoul Garden, Yong Tau Foo in PJ, Nandos... and the long time never eat Okonomiyaki.

#Officially addicted to Snowflakes, Takoyaki, Subway sandwhiches =D

#Started to follow food blogs like bangsarbabe

Overall year 2010 for me is normal for a student like me, and becoming more challenging with obstacles approaching, and also exciting bits here and there. So how was your year 2010? =) Time to make some new year resolutions before today's 2359 (=

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