Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I spent my study break

Yeah I'm done with final exams, three papers. Gonna enjoy the 3 weeks break to the fullest =)

Back to the topic. Study break is the best time to do the necessary revisions, so how and where I spent those nerding times?

#Study at home

Hmm... I dun really can concentrate studying at home. So I usually study at my college or even like other colleges and cafes.


One of the best methods to release stress. But the mood is not really there so I kinda neglected my blog for almost one month I think? Except for the tiny recent post. Sorry readers =(

#Now the main thing. Enjoy cuppa coffee :D

Since last year I started to drink coffee regularly. Well, not because of addiction but I just love the aroma of coffee. The caffeine doesn't really affect me so I'm ok with coffee.

Blended mocha from San Franciso Coffee. I reckon this is better from starbucks and coffee bean because it has stronger coffee taste than the chocolate.

Coffee jelly blended frappucino. Nothing special and taste ok only

Peppermint mocha. This is my favourite among all, ranking second after the blended mocha from San Francisco =) A refreshing peppermint after taste is the bonus point

Toffee nut. A bit too sweet but overall was fine =) Still prefer peppermint mocha

Creme brulee. Taste similar to toffee nut and I thought my hair smell like toffee after having it for 2 days continuously. Must be the overdosage of toffee =/

The hot version of creme brulee. Not too bad lah. Best to drink while it's hot :3

And overall it was about coffee, mood booster during hectic studies. Whoosh!

More upcoming posts soon! Stay tuned =)

Thanks for visiting =)

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