Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen @ One Utama

I have a weak memory about the restaurants in One Utama so I decided to google to search for a makan place for my family. My first choice was KTZ(Kei Tak Sek) after reading plenty of food reviews. Mana tau the place is closed down already. Mum suggested Vietnamnese food for a change.

We have been to this restaurant since 5 years ago. We have nearly forgotten the existence of this restaurant since it has been some time since we visited there.

The menu looks like a newspaper

Braised nuts as appetiser

Pork Chop Set (16.90MYR)

Sister said the pork chop taste like satay

Savoury Seafood Gravy Steamed Siakap (19.90 MYR for promotion price)

The sweet&sour taste sauce matched well with the fresh fish. I find that the dish is a bit too sour when eating too much.

Beef Hor Fun (12.90 MYR)

Not your average Cantonese Noodle or Wat Tan Hor. Mum find this dish is not as tasty as last time.

My all time favourite Chicken&Spring Roll Vermicelli (11.90 MYR)

This sweet&sour sauce consists of green chillies and peanuts is not meant for dipping purpose. Mix it into the bowl of noodle and Bon Appetite! ;)

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The Spring Roll is crispy with the flavourful fillings inside it. Chicken pieces were tender and well-marinaded. Accompanied with refreshing fibres like cucumber, lettuce and mint leaves, overall was as tasty as last time. I would say that this is a healthy salad vermicelli =)

Avocado&Red Bean Blended (6.90MYR)

Taste normal. A healthy choice of drink =)

Head to Vietnam Kitchen if you are craving for some Vietnamnese food. They have pretty good choices of food in the menu =)

Chicken&Spring Roll Vermicelli is recommended- with 4/5 rating

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