Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How I spent my Christmas Day

Attended some church musical event in Taylor's Lakeside campus with family. Students from performing arts did a great performance. Satay was served after the event. Awesome.

Next stop

My all time favourite shopping mall- The Curve. The Christmas decorations were great but was not as impressive as the ones in Mid Valley.

Dinner time at Ikea's restaurant. It is always really really packed with people. It's like people eat all the time for 24 hours! -___- Luckily we managed to find a seat in less than 5 minutes.

Normal salmon dish that I used to order.

the usual favourite dish- Ikea meatballs

Pretty decent and yet affordable chicken wings

Herb baked salmon. This taste a lil bit weird because of the sourness of the orangy sauce =/ The salmon was fresh though.

The cashier was behaving rude to the couple in front of me while I was paying money. Can't she just ask the customer politely to take the cups to the counter to pay rather than raising the tone of voice?
As I was pushing the trolley with three tiers of food, another trolley was blocking my way and the ladies just don't bother to push it away since they used the trolleys 0__0 I am speechless on this kind of people.
That was the worst dining experience, during Christmas somemore.
So, how was your Christmas? =) New year is just fews days to come. I hope to end year 2010 with some positive enerygy =D

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