Friday, October 8, 2010

Conquering Gasing Hill

Event planner and leader: Khai Ling
Drivers: Lawrence, JiaEn, bloggerMokky
Potographer: Almost all of us
Attended: KahSoon, Daniel, JunYu, Leanne, XinYi, ChiaSyn, YinWen

Since attending the prefect camp and climbing the steep hill during the midnight two years ago, I've never been to any single hill and experience another awesome love of nature. After all the careful and detailed planning, we have the opportunity to explore the hill, and we definitely enjoyed ourselves to the max during the hiking trip!

Before hiking, we stopped by at Kanna Curry House for our breakfast.

briefing session

at the entrance

our journey begins!

well, the steps are not too difficult yet :P

reached the lighthouse.

continue our journey!

well the bridge was kinda scary to me at first but after that it was just kacang putih :P

credits to ChiaSyn for making lovely sandwiches for us! :3

weeee finally we made it! it was tiring but the effort was worth it :)

it brings back childhood memories <3>

according to JiaEn's application in her handphone it says that we walked almost 10km and 19XXX steps. wow... it was a good achievement for all of us! XD

okay we were super hungry after the exploration. KhaiLing has a good recommendation for us to try the young tau foo at PJ old town.

Went back to my primary school Chen Moh as Lawrence, KhaiLing and blogger misses their school a lot. Didn't know that Lawrence went to the same primary school too. Haha.... Parked our car and walked to the yong tau foo place nearby.

the yong tau foo stall was actually featured by Ah Xian. It was really delicious and I miss the ytf nao! T____T wanna go back there for more! :P Thanks to KhaiLing for the recommendation! ;)

we have somemore plans after hiking trip! stay tuned to over the moon and you will find out more soon! ;)

Thank you for reading! :)

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