Friday, October 22, 2010

Sushi King Japanese Nabe Buffet

Yes finally had the Japanese Nabe Buffet in sushi king. Since exam ended early on Friday, I suggested to have this as lunch with mum and bro. FYI the buffet is only available in Sunway Pyramid branch and on weekdays only.

Bro is curious about the soup. I had the spicy soup while they had miso soup. Both of it taste good. Especially when the flavour of all ingredients are cooked, the soup tasted way more yummy!

Basic ingredients served: raw chicken meat, tofu, leeks and chinese cabbage. We had way more of veggies from the free flow menu shown above.

Dunoe what dipping sauce is that. some blended vege with oil I think? I didn't bother much about the dipping.

Oh mai god free flow of matcha ice cream! how good is that! The colour looks a bit pale at first but do not judge the book by its cover. The first was creamy enough and the green tea flavour is not overwhelming until taste bitter compared to the one from Sushi Zanmai. Heaven! My mum and I had 3 scoops while bro had 5 sccops. Mmmmm really nice! If only there is one big tub of the ice cream in my house...

The evidence we had so many types of vegies. Bro is happy ^^

The buffet is value for money at the same time good makan and bonding session with the loved ones. Recommended :)

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