Friday, October 22, 2010

Challenge your brain!

Recently addicted with this Brain Challenge 3 game in my phone. The previous Brain Challege game in K750 phone is rather easy compared to this. This is so much more challenging and interesting! Touch screen makes it more attractive and addictive! 0.0

After doing some brain exercise in the training room, daily test is the next step to test whether are you improving by doing the exercises in training room, hence will increase brain usage depends on your achievement. A new game in training room will be unlocked if you reached certain requirement of the daily test :)

Brain test comprises few main elements i.e logic, memory, focus, visual and maths. Each element will test your different thinking abilities in different area.

Stress test is to test your level of stress which is quite helpful if you want to know your stress level everyday :)

Vision test is another interesting one. While testing how sharp is your eyes focusing, it also makes your brain stay active.

Have been playing few times daily to upgrade the brain usage. Wonder when it will reach to 100% :P

This is really a good game to make people stay alert and the same time make me feel sleepy if I can't sleep at night :D

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