Friday, October 8, 2010

Continuing from 'Conquering Gasing Hill' post...


Each and everyone went back to their respective homes and hostel to take a good bath and rest before going to YinWen's house for steamboat gathering. She invited her friends from her high school band too. We secretly planned to celebrate Leanne's birthday in advance. From transport, persuading Leanne to join us for steamboat and the weather, thank god everything went really well on that day. It was raining at night as we wished :D

Host of the Day: YinWen
Played Wii games. Boxing game was great and sweated like mad. Bowling was funny though. We had fun playing the games! Not forgetting PS3 :D

lol JunYu the camwhorer. He loves his camera XD

Helped to slice some lamb shoulder for grilling purposes together with the steamboat. Others also helped to wash vege, meatballs and other stuffs. Tables are readily set up, everything was prepared in full, it's time for makan and bonding session! :D

ah still wanna camwhore la. later your food all kena sapu! :P

Shhh....preparing to give Leanne to give a surprise! :D

Alright, it's time to play with some lanterns! ;)

*like like like*

Best Saturday ever with buddies! :D
Till then, thank you for visiting and reading.
Have a nice day! :)

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