Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shu Lin's 19th + Bowling!

Shu Lin the birthday girl suggested Nandos for lunch. Imma loving Nandos a bit more than Kenny Rogers. Hehe... Should reward myself with a good lunch since it's already the last class.

Ling's Mushroom Chicken Soup. According to her this does not taste like the canned soup. Every sip has bits of chicken.

Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea

Quarter meals with 2 side dishes each. I chose mild peri-peri flavoured chicken. I love the potato salad as the unpeeled skin gives a good texture of the potato =3

Yik Shiow is leaving early and birthday girl decided to accompany her to wait for dad to come. Keke we have time to give Shu Lin a surprise! ;)

She's surprised! :D

awwww birthday kiss from friends :3

Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe. All time favourite.

Checking out JunYu's hostel card quietly. Hehe..

The birthday girl is happy! ^^

Now it's bowling time! The last time I played was during Form 5 I think? I miss bowling...

We had a match betweem boys&girls. Guess what, girls won the game! Haha... left screen goes to the boys while right is for girls. As a punishment, fab4 decide to belanja girls bubble tea! Haha...

Thank you fab4!
Happy birthday Shu Lin! All the best in ACCA. Hope you enjoyed celebrating with us! :)

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