Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pre Exam mood

Going out during the period between October and December is not a good thing as studying for finals is the first thing to consider before stepping the first foot out of the house. But who cares? Family outing is a must :)

#Children's Kindergarten Concert

Helped out mum in Dewan MAS, from adding details to the costumes to keep an eye of the children to make sure they do not go missing. Oh the children are so cute! Hehe... Helped three children to make up a bit. Seriously don't know how to apply eye shadow appropriately so just apply some lipstick and blusher is just as good :) Overall the concert was great.

# Sunway Pyramid

Lunch @ Sushi King

We still prefer Sushi Zanmai in terms of taste satisfaction, food choices, value for money and service :P

Sista just got her contact lens (same as mine). She is hyper happy right nao. We will choose brown the next time we buy :)

Saw Lee Chong Wei at the Astro Event. Didn't get his signature though.
This is too expensive :(

Finally he found his new favourite caramel chocolate bar

Instead of Rm15, just pay RM7.90 for one bar and you will get the ultimate happiness. It is very yummy, but sinful :D btw this is the new product from Marks&Spencer.


the picture says it all :) I have registered for a free trial, how about you? :)

OH MY LOST TAPES IS FINALLY BACK! Have been following every single episode previously! Now the second series is out! Never to be missed!

My face still look pale. Thank god for the quite speedy recovery. It has been a very torturing week already.
Alright, revision class for financial management will be starting tmr for 3 days. And guess what after 2 weeks there will be a SEVEN DAYS of revision class CONSECUTIVELY. Can die lor :(
Whatever it is, face it happily and positively :)

Thank you for reading ;)

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