Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last day of financial management revision class ended early today. Overall I am satisfied with what I have done for revision. Heh... Another week of study break is a blessing :)

Decided to visit Ying Han and have lunch with her in Taylor's. Met up with Pei Ling and Eric too. Didn't expect that they are going Taylor's also. Such a coincidence :)

We had lunch at Chic-licious.

Ying&Ling ordered the same dish, fettucine carbonara with sausage and mushroom (RM8.90). The fettucine was cooked to al dente. The white sauce is creamy. Not bad!

Chinese fried rice with honey chicken (RM6.90) The chicken taste more like sweet&sour chicken and the fried rice taste kinda bland. Not recommended.

Eric had the baked chicken thigh with BBQ sauce and rice (RM9.90) if I'm not mistaken. The portion is kinda big. Sorry that I didn't snap a picture of it.

Eat. Study. Sleep. Motto of the month. I miss Snowflakes the great dessert :(

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