Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ultimate Weekends


Parents Lecturers Day

met Mr Jana, Mr Jay and Mr Simon for sort of counselling. was unable to meet Ms Voon Sia. felt so guilty cuz did not do well for her paper, and i promised her i will come, but then need to rush back to fetch bro and sis to classes. haha, overall the conclusion is : practise more! my parents do really concern on my studies, so i must not let them feel dissapointed towards me. I will work harder! attended CIA- certified internal auditor talk with family. challenges of today's internal auditor. hmmm...not the time to think deeply yet =)

Red FM event

Time: 4pm to 7pm
Venue: Rennaissance Hotel, KL

My dad registered online for the event, and he was successfully selected. Lucky? haha...we were late for 30 minutes, just because we can't find the way to the west wing =.="

about 80 ppl attended the event, ladies were so gorgeous, and gentlemen were not bad. haha...i was the youngest guest there. lol. and now i know why only ppl 18 years old and above can attend the event.

(more pictures will be uploaded soon)
overall, the food was nice, weird but fun games were played, all the DJs were friendly and funny( there is one particular male DJ who is cute! ), beautiful restaurant, that contributed to my lovely saturday. but standing for long time with high heels almost 'killed' me. honestly i am not familiar with the Red FM DJs. so i was kinda blur who were the DJs XD now i still dunoe what are their names >_< Badminton Session

without removing my makeup, rushed to bandar puteri badminton court, real rush. hehe...
had a fun badminton session with ying, phuah, chee yiap and siao ping. that was the first time i played badminton with my makeup =.=! and played for long time. now my whole body pain. badminton with u all was fun! ^^

back home, i was feeling tired and having headache. probably too tired. morning till late night non stop running here and there.

tired but happy saturday!

the bad news didn't affect me surprisingly, because i expected it. do better next year!


as usual drove to piano class. haiz... maybe need to change song, my fingers fault XD learn, it's all about learning and have fun, not just playing the piano. bought breakfast from pasar. LOL sth embarrasing happened, i feel funny... haha...i will make sure it won't happen again =P

having headache again, so took nap.

family day in sunway pyramid. nothing much there, just walk around, eat again XD dinner went sushi zanmai! haha...this is unbelieveable. cuz my family don't really fancy japanese food, so i kinda persuaded them to try it out. and they like it! hehe...

food picture? soon...

wow, that was a different and fulfilling weekend that i ever had. back to studies! say no to addiction! XD

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