Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awesome Wednesday

well, i went for the refugees moral project for the second time, and this is the last time i visit them. bought some foodstuffs for them too. i didn't have breakfast, and tahan my hunger until 3.30 pm. thank you very much to Jenny for fetching me.

we had some activities such as ice breaking- chicken dance, games such as musical chair. Li Ting taught us how to make the balloon shapes ( i don't really know what is the name of it ). it was fun! and the child beside me even helped me to shape the balloon too! <3 teacher =".=">

the children are playing musical chair.

there are only two chairs left when i took the pic.

i cannot put the other pictures because the children are protected.

when i was about to leave the centre, i feel kinda sad and i dun wan to leave them ='( we took pictures with them before we leave there.

bye and take care children! ^^

i had these for my late lunch

yummy, soon i'll gain weight! =P

i was so so so emo just now.

i choose to keep quiet, this is the best for everyone. i should study now. heh.


"(6UO>|)180°-(IOU)90°K- (I-E)90°" said...

Nice lunch. But, as an advice, don't forget to do some exercises in order to keep yourself fit. Remember, healthy lifestyle is vital in our life. (Smile ya!)

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

yea ^^ okie, also must exercise! muahahaha =D