Thursday, September 17, 2009

spotted this book in the library today. inside it really looks like a boring storybook, so many words, no picture. but the contents are awesome. the book is about bizzare foods such as big-ass ant, human placenta, fugu, sheep's head, monkey's head and others. yucks~ i wonder why people that kind of food, isn't it disgusting? maybe to them is a delicacy, to us is weird and yucky food ~_~ even coconut and durian are also included as fierce food by the author- Christa Weil. what's wrong with the coconut and durian?

well, the author wrote up articles containing information such as: where the food comes from, how the food is cooked, how people eat them. when i read the book, i feel like wanna throw up lol. to me, the book is interesting. now i know what bizzare food are eaten by humans all over the world.

i still love food, but not bizzare foods =)

P.S. Thank you Miss for fetching me ya ;) i still need to brush up my english.

duh so pissed off with that kind of people. what is wrong?

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