Friday, September 25, 2009

Different Friday

had class like normal today, i controlled my laughter! but the thing made me feel kinda moody =D

happy sweet 18th birthday to tharaani and leanne! yuet baked a cake for thaarani, awww so sweet of her! ^^ hehe, we had some plan to celebrate leanne's birthday.

during lunch time went wong kok @ pyramid with bunch of friends from Group 2 previously (the aim is to celebrate leanne's birthday). this is the first time i had lunch with them, and i had fun! thank you! ^-^

the birthday girl on the left

since we are rushing back to college for class, we had no time to celebrate her bday there. until the time when we are going back, we gave her a surprise. she was shocked, and mr jana say she gonna cry. haha... HAPPY SWEET 18TH BIRTHDAY AGAIN! ;)

take care everyone! ;) have a nice weekend.

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