Sunday, August 25, 2013

SeoulScape Bistro, The Strand Kota Damansara

Located at the popular Kota Damansara area with few quaint little eatery or café, included in the list will be SeoulScape Bistro established by two young entrepreneurs since August 2012. Sub from Korea who is a multimedia designer  prepares all the dishes by himself including the side dishes, while his partner Carmen is taking care of customer serving side. Look at the paintings on the wall, exclusively painted by her who is an artist.

 Small little thoughtful decorations that brings out the ambience further, mostly K-pop related stuff.

Beanbag area for your dining pleasure

A Korean meal is always started with side dishes. We were served with three types of simple banchan that night.

Kimchi- Not spicy and sour enough, which is understandable because Sub just made it 3 days prior to our food review session.

Jullienned potato- I like the pepper sprinkled on top to add extra flavours.

Anchovies & peanut- Another good starter that promotes crunchy and sweet characteristics.
Moving on to the main dishes, we have this Jeu Suk Ddeokbokki to begin with.


RM45 (4-5pax)- includes 4 rice and 2 noodles

RM30 (2-3pax)- includes 2 bowls of rice and 1 noodle
Korean stew comprised of tofu, enoki mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, sausages, sliced spam and baked beans in spicy broth. It has a slight hint of beanpaste that complements well with spicy chilli paste, but slowly dissipates when cooked longer on the stove. Best served with steamed rice. I was expecting Korean rice that has sticky texture but local rice is served instead. I thought Korean rice would absorb the flavours from the broth better. The overall taste is much similar to the following stew, quite difficult to differentiate clearly.

Budae Jigae

RM45 (4-5pax)- includes 4 rice and 2 noodles

RM30 (2-3pax)- includes 2 bowls of rice and 1 noodle


Scallops, filament crabsticks, Korean fish cake, sausages,  ddeokbokki, hard boiled egg and cabbage simmered in broth containing Korean spicy chilli paste. Spiciness level can be adjusted according to preference. When the broth reduces to thicker and stickier texture, ramen is added inside. A further reduction of broth warrants addition of rice to transform this dish into fried rice. The broth tasted rather sweet followed by spicy aftertaste, a comforting stew that has American-Korean history behind it. I love how the rather thick reduced broth coated the strands of ramen, making each slurp an enjoyable one. We should have fried the rice for a longer time resembling bibimbap instead of just mixing lightly.

 Kimchi Jigae (RM20)
This has got to be the thickest kimchi jigae I ever had. The usual version will be reasonably light textured broth with visible chilli flakes, but this is as thick as tomato soup’s, if not, thicker. First sip did not send me to the pungent, spicy and sour kimchi jigae heaven, it taste more like tomato soup actually. The further tasting experience slowly accentuates the spicy sensation, but still it lacked the kick or ‘oomph’, probably I should request for extra spicy =D Ingredients such as carrot, onions, sliced pork and kimchi absorbed the broth well, providing a wholesome bite.

Jeyuk Bokkeum (RM18)

Spicy dry stir fried pork with chef’s homemade thick chilli paste sauce. A decent dish for those who like it not too spicy.

Korean Kalbi (RM18)

Non-spicy marinated pork in a ganjang-based sauce consisting Korean soy sauce, garlic and sugar.

Yakso (RM50 for 10 shots)

Flavoursome yakult mixed with clear soju. Contains very light alcohol, more inclined towards strong yakult flavour with a slight burning tongue sensation towards the end. An enjoyable drink to share with your friends, just order a jug for RM40, drink and chat away!

We were also treated with complimentary dessert, essentially Marie biscuits smothered with homemade raspberry & strawberry jam, topped with diced apple to balance the sourness from the jam, even better when drizzled with chocolate sauce. I am not a fruit jam person but this version from SeoulScape gave me a reason to enjoy more fruit jam, the sourness is light yet just right. The ingredients worked well with each other, surprisingly. Indeed a simple yet a delightful sweet ending to our meal.
Kamsahamnida Foodirector! Yet another joyful food review session with authentic Korean delights and awesome foodies!

SeoulScape Bistro

No. 18-1,
Jalan PJU 5/20B,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.


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