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Plus One Shabu Shabu 卡卡加壹港式火锅 , One Utama Shopping Mall

With at least 18 choices of nourishing broths, fresh and premium ingredients with convenient location in a popular shopping mall not strange to most of us, Plus One Shabu Shabu has been in business for quite some time and upholds constant revisits from returning customers.

Before beginning with our meal, we were treated with this beverage called Watercress and Honey(RM10 per jug). I can't help but keep drinking and giving thumbs up. It is surprisingly addictive and pleasantly sweet thanks to nourishing ingredients added such as watercress vegetable, water chesnut and carrot. It does give constant refreshing watercress aftertaste, a must try drink!

Various types of broth for your selection needs
Fish broth - Naturally sweet without fishy taste that puts you off from choosing this uncommon broth
Prawn broth- very similar to the broth in our Penang Hokkien Mee/ Prawn Mee. It tends to get salty towards the end of cooking session hence I did not manage to finish it.

Macau Pork Bone with Corn broth- A popular choice among patrons. Naturally sweet and mildly flavoured, flavours yet to be enhanced by the ingredients introduced later in this post.

Thai Tom Yam Broth - Can't go wrong with this choice in a steamboat/shabu-shabu restaurant. Not too spicy with a sour kick to open up your appetite.

Dipping sauces for you to mix and match to create your own preferred sauce.

First row:Taiwanese Satay sauce, Fermented Beancurd, Minced beef
Second row: Tom Yam, Sweet Sauce, Thai chilli, ,
Last row: Hong Kong Chilli, Hawaii sauce, Soya/Sesame sauce

A highly recommended mixing sauce will be Hong Kong Chilli, Fermented Beancurd and a dash of sesame sauce.
While waiting for the soup to boil or ingredients to be cooked, the following dishes such as Golden Sand Sotong (RM25) and Deep Fried HK Fish Skin (RM10) serve as good snacks to indulge.
 Golden sand is essentially salted egg yolk, absolutely can't go wrong with deep fried crispy squids.

The skin is taken from Ma Yau fish, deep fried to its ultimate crispiness. It's just like eating prawn or fish crackers.

Black pearl (HK Century Egg)- If you like your century egg being gooey in the centre, this is for you. Best to go with pickled ginger served beside it.
Let's move on to the ingredients served to us that night. Starting with this Three Seasons Meat Ball, it offers freshly homemade pork (1st row), fish (2nd row) and prawn balls (3rd row). 

Each and every type has its own uniqueness but the pork balls stood out among the rest. You can actually taste finely diced mushroom mixed inside it, it definitely added that mushroom fragrance to the succulent textured meatball. The prawn and fish balls were soft, not as bouncy or firm to the bite as I expected. Nevertheless they are very fresh and goes well with every broth. 

Sliced Grouper (RM18)
Smooth, fresh and flaky fish not to be missed. One of my personal favourite ingredients and this easily made me feel contented. 
 Drunken Chicken (RM15)
I believe not many places are serving this dish. A rather unique chicken dish with chicken thigh part used to ensure that smooth and succulent texture compared to breast meat. Furthermore it is marinated with Hua Diao wine, a type of Chinese cooking wine. The chicken is beautifully infused with pleasant Hua Diao wine flavours, best to go with Macau Pork with Corn broth.

Japanese Black Pork Loin (RM23)- Thick cut of premium black pork loin which pleased us with its firm to the bite texture. Initially we thought that the thick cut might cause a why-so-hard-to-chew experience, but we were proved wrong.

 Sliced Lamb (RM22)
 Sliced Pork Loin (RM22)
As usual, the sliced meats are faultless even in any broth. Just swish them back and forth in the broth for 8 to 10 seconds, you are ready to enjoy their natural meat taste with thin texture.

Mixed Set (RM20)- Offers a variety of basic ingredients for steamboat needs such as prawns, fish slices, fishballs, cuttlefish, egg, dried beancurd slices, filament crabmeat sticks, noodles and vegetables. No complaints as they are generally fresh.
 Happy faces enjoying Shabu Shabu
 Once again, thank you OpenRice Malaysia for the invitation!
Plus One Shabu Shabu
F337-338, First Floor, Rainforest,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Selangor.
Contact Number
03-7725 3322


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