Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jang Gun, Fahrenheit 88

Do you agree with the saying that goes “Two is better than one”? As much as we Malaysians like Japanese food a lot, Jang-Gun (under the same management as Shogun and Saisaki) decides to incorporate varieties of Japanese delicacies along with their main buffet theme that promotes Korean fare.

It always good to start a meal by having some healthy tea. Here in Jang Gun, they serve the popular Korean drink namely barley tea. The slightly dark brown beverage imparted a fragrant aroma from barley that provides a pleasant taste. You can choose other beverages from the drinks section such as orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate and others.
A Korean meal wouldn’t be complete without banchan, a ‘routine’ to start with and serves as a great appetizer to stimulate our appetite. A variety of the side dishes are served here, ranging from basic kimchi, julienned potato, par-boiled spinach, clams, mini pajeon, egg rolls, potato salad and many more. Kimchi was decent with adequate spicy and sour kick, but not the best I’ve had. Other banchans are pretty good too, but remember to save extra stomach space for more upcoming food introduced in this blogpost later!

Craving for hot stone bibimbap? You can order freshly made ones from the banchan counter.

 Sashimi counter

Salmon, tuna, butterfish, tako and others as well as boiled prawns

Sushi section

Fried items
Various types of tempura using prawns, soft shell crab, yam, pumpkin, brinjal and sushi. Not greasy nor oily, crispy and irresistible end product. Have your favourite chicken katsu if you fancy some.
Kimchi and seafood pancake. Although the centre was too soft for my liking, the edges still remained crispy.

Baked cheese oysters were pretty disappointing as the cheese surface turned hard after left to cool for some time.

Soups and stew (jigae)

You can expect to find basic Korean soups and stews that we usually have in Korean restaurants such as none other than kimchi jigae, seaweed soup, soondubu (soft beancurd) jigae and sam gye tang (ginseng chicken soup). Be prepared to savour beef rib stew, fish maw soup as well tom yam soup.
 Soondubu Jigae
 Kimchi Jigae
 Sam Gye Tang
 Fish maw and seaweed soup
Tom Yam Soup and Beef Ribs Stew
Kimchi soup boasted a balanced spicy and sour flavours, suitable for people who cannot take overly spicy food. The kimchi pieces were cooked till soft, very enjoyable along with tofu cubes. Although not the best I have had (I prefer more spicy versions), but this can easily satisfy my cravings.

Soondubu jigae was decent too, infused with seafood goodness easily detected from first sip of soup. The smooth and soft tofu pieces along with non-conventional addition of needle mushrooms goes well with steamed rice provided.

If you love the umami flavours from seaweed, seaweed soup is perfect for you.
Seafood such as prawns, scallops, mussels, crabs and some vegetable were prepared for you to boil with hot water, then poured with the soup/stew of your choice.

Grilled meat station

Choose from marinated chicken, beef, squids and others and handover to the chef to prepare freshly cooked meats for you. The squids were executed until the right doneness and presented a smokey sweet flavour.

Hot cooked food

Chawanmushi- well flavoured with soft and smooth egg texture. Some did not like the overly soft texture, as a slightly pudding like texture is more preferred.

Steamed cod fish, Nyonya prawns, fried egg with sharks fin, bamboo clams
Cod fish was as good as always, judging from the same dish served in Shogun. Freshy, sweet and flaky fish with superior soya sauce is always a favourite Chinese dish of mine.

Bamboo clams' unpleasant fishy taste slightly covered with the sweet spicy sauce.

 Fried mixed mushrooms, stewed beef ribs, ginger duck, lamb shank
Kimchi fried rice, yaki udon, abalone fried rice, mussels in tomato sauce
Kimchi fried rice was a let down- hardly any kimchi flavours infused to the rice.
Udon lacked springy texture as it turned soft and mushy, probably have been left in the buffet dish for quite some time already.
 Mussels with sweet peas, mushrooms, spicy stir fried squids
Beef bulgogi, sweet and sour chicken, japchae, broccoli with prawns
Tteokbokki (rice cakes)- texture was too soft and mushy, probably left in the warmer for too long.

Generally the dishes were decent or literally ‘as it is’ except separately mentioned, hardly any surprises or outstanding flavours.

Dessert and fruits
Dip marshmallows or biscuits into melted chocolate. Have your healthy dose of daily fruit intake by choosing from watermelon, honeydew, papaya and pineapple.

Fruit cocktail, I always look forward to this dessert whenever I dine in Shogun. Love the diced watermelon, honeydew, pineapple and papaya in iced syrup, oh so refreshing and addictive.

The highlight of dessert was the all new Squeezit. It is a type of mixture between ice cream and sorbet concept dessert brought from Japan.

Flavours available

I have tried Japanese Matcha (how can I resist it???), wild berries as well as premium hazelnut chocolate and liked all of them. Natural ingredients are used, without any artificial flavourings. Matcha was my favourite so of course it was good, though lacked bitter taste but some people may not like it. Wild berries was not too sour with a hint of yoghurt taste and who does not love hazelnut chocolate? I regretted not having more than 3 of the flavours that night XD I promise I will leave more stomach space for more Squeezit =P

They are invading AEON Big supermarkets sometime this week, selling at price of RM5.90 or RM6.90. Locations for its availability will be Sunway Medical Centre, Jaya One, Mid Valley AEON Big as far as I remember.

G1 27 01-04, Ground Floor,
Fahrenheit 88,
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: 03-2148 7333


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Nice blog, we are visiting this place for a buffet tomorrow. Nice to know what's available there beforehand :P Thanks ^_^

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@Chiko: Thanks for your compliments. Hope you enjoy your dining experience there :)