Sunday, June 20, 2010

MIA but not disappearing

Due to some internet connection problem, I have been away from the cyberworld since final exam. Instead of using izzi, I have now switched to using digi broadband temporarily. Streamyx may be the final choice cuz unlimited usage is suitable for me XD

What I have been doing without internet? ( now I can't live without internet ) Well basically MISSING MY BLOG A LOT! Sighs..didn't get to update bloggie and upload pictures. Wait until I have unlimited usage of internet first then once and for all I will do my job! ;)

This 20-days-semester-break is kinda crazy cuz have been going out everyday. What to do? If not i will rot at home :P Had some birthday celebration, friends and family outings. Great!

Wohooo finally watched Toy Story 3! That is the most amazing movie! Love it to the max! Seriously feel like watching it again and again....

Cut the crap. I may have to abandon my blog and pictures for a time being until I get the REAL internet.

enjoy your day people! :)

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ying said...

waiting for your photo