Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, people. As mentioned the REAL internet has not arrived yet. The only way is to carry lappie to Wi-fi places and update everything as much as I could.

Last time I told myself, I will never choose promoter as my part-time job because of many logical reasons like stand until leg patah. Mana tau, finally, I got promoter job, thanks to Jia Yeen. I would rather work until leg patah to earn some pocket money during the semester break rather than stoning at home, getting fatter and fatter XD

It was (extremely)tiring for my legs, but fun. Getting to know more customers and communicating is seriously fun. Eventhough it is only a 2-day-job, there will be valueable experience. I get to know many other promoters as well like Grace, Jacqueline, Clement, Eric and others. Nice to meet you all!

Overall, I am very satisfied and contented!

So, what is your preferred part-time job? :)

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