Saturday, June 5, 2010


CAT/ACCA finals for june 2010 session will be starting on 7 june, monday. I hereby wish all CAT&ACCA students all the best in their papers. don't panic and do your best.

well, the journey of self study after revision classes has been more challenging compared to CAT life. semangat and slacking off mood is going on and off. huge self discipline and determination is strongly needed. nearly wanted to stay overnight in college instead of driving back home since i have been studying in college until 9 pm. heh. hope all of the hard work will be paid off. the holiday shall be enjoyed to the fullest. one of it is cherating! woohooo~ thanks to my parents. and i miss all of my buddies! outings, badminton and yum cha sessions...

good luck everyone!


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ying said...

wish u good luck in your finals=)