Tuesday, October 27, 2009

unexpected and expected

it has been annoying me for almost a month. the door is not opened whenever i go there, hence the visit have been delayed for few days. finally, yesterday the door is opened for visit.

" what is wrong with the spots? is it contagious? what is the reason for it?..............''

"oh...actually they are not spots. actually it is caused by fats, heatness accumulated, and the thin wall of the skin. "

phew~~~ luckily nothing worse.

no excess food...no fat food. phobia to food??? NO! i still love food <3 no matter what, it won't affect me. i wonder how those people survived with the strong determination. that is just a small matter :) so no need to worry too much about it.

the plan is on! so let's do it! *touched*

alright. got back my tax paper today. 50% expected 50% unexpected. i was kinda shocked lol. i slowly find back the confidence in tax. last time i used to think that tax is a hard thing, and i wonder how those tax agent compute such complicated thingy. I was wrong. tax is not the hard subject for you to worry about, if you truly understand and how it goes on ;)

studies are on. serious time.

take care and good luck =)

1 comment:

ying said...

what is that?

don't worry. u still can eat.

what plan?

why kinda shocked? good that u understand it. good luck in your studies. gambatte!

take care=)