Thursday, October 29, 2009

I remembered...

went to 2 pasars for about 4 hours on sunday with mummy. i broke the record. the longest time i walk in pasar and the most sweaty me that day.
dun care the time flies away =P

dim sum. dim sum at yuen garden @ bandar kenari puchong was awesome! delicious and affordable.
dun care the fats =P

my mum's new york cheesecake. she managed to bake the perfect cheesecake successfully. the oats digestive biscuits mixed with melted butter makes the whole cheescake more yummy! we all love it so much!
dun care about the fats =P

i so called sacrificed my study time to chat online and facebook. i felt guilty, but i gained another valueable factor. we chatted like we have known for so many years. had a nice time chat with you all ^^ good luck to you both in your final exam next week. after that think of the group name that is suitable for us ya :)

control is the most important factor this month onwards.

sadness is not worth for you to be sad about it. leave it! :)

1 comment:

ying said...

sunday? not today meh?

icic. so nice. I want.

I want cheesecake also.

no need to feel guilty. after play, then study lo..ok, thank you. good luck in your studies too.

control what?