Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short update

well, now is the busy time again. MOCK exam is coming soon. i didn't really did well for the progress tests. i dunoe what happened to me in this semester, as i think that my brain is different from last time >.< but now i realize the good side of this course, and i slowly love it, get used to it. anyway, study study study, dun think too much. all i want is pass all my papers and proceed to ACCA in the stipulated time.

things are getting better i guess. it's a worth of patience. see how things are going on. but i believe it will be solved and back to normal.

actually wanna drive to college tmr, but since my family and I are going for shogun, i can't use the car. if i use the car means have to drive two cars to pyramid. yeah shogun. it's the 3rd time ^^ hope i will enjoy tmr. good food good mood

alright, gotta study now! gambateh to CAT ACCA students and other students from other courses! oh ya, good luck to SPM students too. PMR students can enjoy to the max!

take care


ying said...

gambatte in your studies. wish u good luck in your coming exam. don't worry. u can pass all the papers.

so nice that u can go to shogun. enjoy eating at there.

take care.

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

thank you ^^
yea shogun super nice lol
u too gambateh in finals. ice cream dream~ XD

ying said...

u are welcome.
ok,thank you. gambatte for your mock exam too. don't want ice cream dream already.

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

O.o why? then what u wan?

Caryn said...

You are right.
Studies comes 1st. After that, the rest will be settle one by one.
Good luck neh, Mokky..
Jia you. Jia you.

ying said...

cus before that sneeze lo...i wan nothing.