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2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar, Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang

I'm not a person who fancy a night out with just alcoholic drinks in a bar, what interests me the most would be the food served as well. Expecting some usual and boring Western or Asian food, I was proved wrong when I stepped into 2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar situated not far from AEON Bukit Tinggi  as the chef takes pride in serving authentic and honest food with mostly homemade ingredients especially sauces, as well as some specially created dishes such as Pasta Lamb Mee Goreng style introduced later in this post. Overall I would think that the chef has done a great job in upholding his principles in serving good food so that customers would return for more, in long term contribute to success of this gem.

Somehow the ambience gave me a nostalgic feeling just like in Coliseum, probably because of the long vertical doors stretched along the restaurant & bar.

Darts machine available for your entertainment, as well as wine bar (not in pic) for your kind selections.

Belacan Chicken Wings (RM13 for 3 pairs)

Good starter to be accompanied by beer or just as good on its own, given that the midly belacan flavour infused wings are crispy outside while still juicy inside without being oily.

Potato Croquette Cheese w/ Lemon Cream Sauce (RM14)

Perfectly fried smooth textured mashed potato with minimal seasonings and not overpowering cheese aroma, while a hint of sweetness brought out by finely chopped carrots. It is served with lemon cream sauce- midly warm with soft chopped onions. Could do with more lemon zest in it though. I liked that the outer breadcrumb layers is just thin enough to hold everything together- unpretentious and simple appetizer.

2013 Special Salad (RM18)

Fresh crisp greens with grilled prawns, marinated smoked pork bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheese powder doused with homemade mixture of thousand island and sesame dressing. Sinful indulgence yet balanced by the veges I would say, a perfect salad as a main course in my books. Can hardly go wrong with the very fresh prawns, crispy bacon and even better with the nutty dressing.

Oven Baked Crab (RM18)

Mixture of minced pork, crab & mushrooms topped with cheese then grilled in the oven. The minced pork resembles to the texture of pork burger, rather overpowering the taste of crab in this dish. Nevertheless, the flavours were commendable from addition of spices and seasonings.

Grilled Salmon in White Mushroom Cream Sauce (RM29)

Grilled Salmon served with mashed potatoes and coeslaw with salmon skin nicely mounted on the former side dish. It was a let down that the salmon was overcooked resulted in rather hard texture. The homemade side dishes are good nonetheless, I like that the mayonnaise of the coeslaw is not too cloying. Savour the crispy salmon skin with some mashed potato- a new way of eating indeed.

Mutton Curry (RM29)

A dish bursting with rich elements of spices thanks to combination of Indian & Nyonya recipe infused into the soft tender Australia imported lamb chunks, served with white bread. My only complaint here would be the rather bland potatoes, could be cooked longer so that the curry can infuse into it. The fried shallots on top were rather unneccesary as well.

Pasta Lamb Mee Goreng Style (RM23)

Glorious, glorious creation. We were so attracted to it after having the first taste of it- pasta noodles had just the right texture and yet taste better than the usual yellow noodles, while the eggs coated each strands and provide such flavourful aroma. The secret weapon here is the addition of secret homemade special broth & pork lard- the latter makes almost every savoury dish taste good. Needless to say the lamb pieces gives a good bite yet almost free from lamb smell.

Pork Chop (currently not in the menu yet)

Succulent and well-marinated pork chop giving out a pleasant hint of lemongrass, taste just as good on its own. Although some of the parts were little dry, but dipping the toothsome meat in the light yet well seasoned mushroom cream sauce made up for it.

Lamb Pizza (RM32)

So good that I wished I had it all to myself- nuff said. The pizza base was incredibly thin, thinner than your usual cream crackers! Crispy base topped with generous lamb chunks, pineapple, onions and cheese- what a wonderful combination! Especially with extra refreshing zing from the brilliant addition of pineapple.

Green Passion Mocktail (RM25)

Mai Tai Cocktail (RM28)

Enjoy your food and drinks while the live band performs some classic and pop songs for your enjoyment.

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar 
(beside Premiere Hotel, not far from AEON Bukit Tinggi)

Lebuh Batu Nilam 2,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang, Selangor.

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