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Restaurant Together Vegetarian @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Together vegetarian emphasizes on natural vegetarian food with ensured freshness. They buy in vegetables from the nearby market (Puteri Mart) to make sure the vegetables are fresh for customers’ benefit. Their vegetarian products are more towards natural ingredients other than gluten and flour, such as soy products, seaweed, mushrooms and others.


 Shark's Fins Soup with Crabmeat (蟹王鱼翅)

We started our meal with a bowl of hearty vegetarian shark’s fins soup to warm up our tummy and prepare our tastebuds for the following dishes. Ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetarian shredded crab sticks, thinly sliced beancurd sticks and tung hoon were fully packed along with the thick soup with just the right consistency. The aroma reminds us of some dong guai, a type of Chinese herbs which contributes inviting aroma just like ordinary non-vegetarian sharks fins soup. I was pleased with the taste of the broth. Although it is not made from meat, but the underlying taste is good enough for the standard of decent sharks fins soup. I love the texture of those mushrooms- spongy and smooth. I can’t stop having one mouthful of the soup and chewing the ingredients was enjoyable. You might want to add a little bit of vinegar, not too much in order not to cover the original taste.


Fried Bean Curd with Fresh Mushroom (灵芝菇豆腐)

I love it when restaurants make beancurd by themselves using soya bean milk and eggs. The freshness and taste are much assured to diners. This beancurd with ling zhi mushrooms has an inviting presentation. The beancurd has an excellent smooth texture, fragrant with freshness from soya bean milk and eggs. It is deep fried beforehand, giving a nice golden outer layer, very delicious as well. The ling zhi mushrooms which have favourable health benefits had the right texure, not being overcooked. Along with the thick sauce, I feel that the whole dish is simple yet light for the stomach and suitable for everyone’s tastebuds. I will definitely go back for more lol

Butter Abalone Mushroom (奶油鲍鱼菇)
What is not to like when meat or even mushrooms is coated with aromatic butter. That buttery fragrance that makes up as guilty food pleasures and indulgence for some. I guess Malaysians are already very familiar with buttered dishes. Butter squids, fish, prawns- very common dishes nowadays and remains an all time favourite. Butter mushrooms is quite a fresh idea for me, so I was excited when this dish is brought to our table.
The oysters mushrooms are coated just right with batter, deep fried till golden brown then mixed with butter and curry leaves. The batter did a good job in contributing a very crunchy texture, more towards a crust texture actually. However, there are some mushrooms had stronger butter taste compared to others, perhaps need a little more even mixture. The taste is not too strong, hence not a burden to the stomach.

So far the taste of their dishes is light, which I think is great for everyone as we can’t be having food with strong taste all the time. Switching to dishes like these sometimes can let your stomach have a good rest.

  Red Enzyme with Mushroom (红麴双菇)

Red wine is a Foo Chow product, usually taken by ladies in their confinement period, other than normal consumptions by anyone else. Inside the slightly dark red soup was packed with shitake mushrooms and monkey head mushrooms, further enhanced with addition of slightly pounded sliced ginger. Drinking the soup was very comforting, the temperature is also maintained as it is served with a claypot. I also like the spongy texture of the nicely cooked mushrooms, biting into them released the red wine soup.
 Curry Mutton with Bread (咖喱羊肉配银丝卷)

This is a dish not to be missed, ‘mutton’ made from soy products that has excellent texture that resembles mutton meat. The bite sized pieces of ‘mutton’ is further enhanced by reasonably thick curry gravy, packed with decent amount of spices. I have had better than this as I personally prefer stronger kick and oomph from the curry sauce.

You can have some fried mantou bread to dip the thick curry sauce. The positivity of curry did not shine when taken together with the bread as I feel that the curry taste is not strong enough to complement the plain bread.

   Asam Fish (亚参鱼)
Vegetarian fish remains my favourite food item in a vegetarian restaurant. Soy products wrapped in seaweed gave nice umami flavour along with reasonable texture of soy products, not too soft yet remains an adequately chewable texture. It applies here at Together Vegetarian, served with tangy asam sauce. I like the balanced sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavour which is suitable for kids or even senior citizens. I don’t mind if the spicy flavour is stronger as I am a person who loves spicy food. But I guess the owner wants to maintain a balance which suits everyone’s tastebuds.
 Sweet and Sour Squid
This is made from enoki mushrooms wrapped with vegetarian ham and seaweed, coated with crunchy batter then deep fried till golden brown. The texture from the mushroom really gave a texture resembling to squid. However, the vegetarian ham does not contribute much flavour, perhaps just to wrap and secure the needle mushrooms. Generous amount of white sesame seeds is sprinkled on top to give extra aroma. Again, I don’t mind if the sweet and sour sauce taste stronger but maintaining a light taste is good at the same time.

Spinach in Herbal Sauce (上汤芫菜)


Spinach in herbal sauce served with vegetarian ham and wolfberries, a simple yet healthy dish that is a must order item, at the same time give a balanced diet in our meal. The texture of vegetable was soft enough, in a good way for easy consumption. The morsels of wolfberries were sweet and pleasant to chew on. The herbal taste in soup was just right, with a little thicker consistency than the usual spinach in soup served in Chinese restaurants.


Together Vegetarian

9, Jalan Puteri 1/4,

Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong.


Contact Number: 03-8060 0465 / 012-238 6800

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