Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oz the Great & Powerful with Underprivileged Children

Oz the Great & Powerful with Underprivileged Children

It has been some time since I have attended charity events. I was pleased to be invited by Genting to spend time watching movie with underprivileged kids from Myanmar Chin Student Organization, Pertubuhan Wanita dan Kesihatan, Kuala Lumpur (WAKE) and PT Foundation.

The objectives of this event are as follows:-

*To provide an opportunity for the underprivileged children to have fond memories at Resorts World Genting
* To provide fun-filled day for the underprivileged at Genting Theme Park
* To create awareness among employees in serving the community which is in line with Genting Malaysia Berhad’s corporate social responsibility initiative
* To enhance the relationship between Genting Malaysia Berhad and the community

Previously, I was not aware that Genting Malaysia Berhad actually set up a WeCARE Team, consists of passionate employees whom, besides work, love to take part in charity works. For them, it is the happiness and satisfaction, and the priceless smile on someone’s face that keep them motivated. Their commitment in lending a helping hand to those in need has helped make and shape them to who they are today. The WeCARE Team was formed in July 2008 by Genting Malaysia Berhad’s Public Relations & Communication Department in line with the company’s CSR initiatives “To Serve the Community”. Their objectives are to encourage work and community service in the organization, to use expertise available at GENM WeCARE Team to help those underprivileged, to promote caring and sharing amongst each other and to learn the lives of the less fortunate.

Before the movie, we had breakfast together with the children.

We certainly enjoyed watching movie with the children. They giggled and laughed when they saw some funny scenes in the movie. It is a highly recommended movie, if you haven't watched already please do watch it :)

Besides that, Genting Outdoor themepark just launched their new ride called "The Waves". Spinning towards front and then backwards certainly had us holding to the metal bar tight, and feeling little dizzy after the ride XD

Make sure to try this new ride when you are visiting Genting Outdoor Theme Park =D

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