Friday, March 22, 2013

OpenRice Makanventure @ Anggrek Kuring

This restaurant which offers Sundanese food has been established in Bandar Puteri, Puchong for few years already. Thanks to OpenRice I got invited to MakanVenture giving me opportunity to try the food. I have been passsing by there frequently but did not step inside for makan. 
Upon entering the restaurant, the decorations and calm setting gave a good feeling and ambience. I was ushered to the private dining area, then served with drinks.
The coconut shake is a new item offered by Anggrek Kuring (not Anggerik Kuning ok mad). Produced with coconut juice, coconut flesh and ice cubes, the bright while colour blended drink was genuine and rich with coconut aroma. The chewy tiny coconut bits combined with finely blended ice cubes gave refreshing taste. It was not too sweet as well.
I don't usually drink fruit juice with cucumber but this Cucumber Lime gave me a reason to continue having it without feeling weird or suspicious haha mad

The pale green healthy drink is rather thick and contains minimum fibrous elements as it is seived through properly before serving to us. I love how the sourness from the lime complemented well with fresh cucumber, a very refreshing drink indeed. It tasted a little sweeter than I thought, in a good way perhaps to cover the raw cucumber taste.
A rather intriguing presentation of the dish, made possible when the chef applies good knife skills to cut the body of fish, few cuts to ensure the fish will 'stand' after being deep fried in hot oil. This is served with salted egg yolk sauce, image that resembles melted butter instead of those usual thick salted egg yolk coating on squids that we see in Chinese eateries.

At first I mistaken it as butter sauce, but was later told by the owner that telur asin is used. Something which we are not used to but hey the aroma and not too salty taste complements well with the fresh and firm kerapu fish. The fish bones are fried until brown crunchy so you can enjoy having bone parts as well.

I always adore this typical Indonesian delicacy, couldn't be happier when we get to taste this dish during MakanVenture. The dish did not dissapoint me. Visually appealing with nice even brown colour on the chicken skin, with slightly charred bits eneough to stimulate my appetite. The tender and succulent chicken was minimally seasoned, hence taste rather bland as I expected it to be marinaded. But fret not, the sweetish sauce and smoky aroma on chicken skin saved the whole dish. One bite and I was sold, the sauce is the star ingredient! I will not hesitate to go back for more ayam bakar.
Served with light brown crunchy bits (essentially deep fried flour bits), this dish resembles very much like ayam penyet. 6 hours were used to prepare this dish, which we need to appreciate the chef's effort. The chicken was tender, easily separated with fork revealing fine shreds of meat. Taste wise it was minimally seasoned, better to go with some sambal sauce served separately. I am surprised to munch on the really soft bone, just like eating big sardine bones. That was truly a special first time experience.
The sambal sauce was not as spicy as I thought it would be, taste rather sweet with chillis and other soft vegetables like onions inside. I enjoyed having this together with the ayam presto as well as nasi uduk.
This dish essentially comprises fried dried beancurd puffs topped with shredded cucumber served with special chilli sauce. Eventhough the taupok is fried, the texture is not entirely crispy. Little crunchy on the outside while soft in the inside, it went very well with the Thai style sweetish chilli sauce. The cucumber provided nice refreshing crunch and texture. Remember to eat this while it is hot so that the beancurd puffs will not be harder to chew when it is left to cool. 

A dish that every Malaysian is familiar with, I am glad to sample Anggrek Kuring's version. I noticed that the ingredients are not stir fried together, rather looked like prawns and petai blanched separately, finally topped with sambal sauce. Unfortunately some prawns that I picked were lacking in freshness. I love the crunchy petai aka stink beans, goes well with the sweetish sambal sauce. It was not as spicy as I thought it would be. I wouldn't mind if there were more sambal sauce available to go with my nasi uduk. 
Have you ever tried mushrooms wrapped in fresh banana leaves then being grilled? This dish resembles very much like otak-otak, the difference is this pepes is suitable for vegetarians while otak otak contains seafood.
Oysters mushrooms are used here, cut into smaller bite sized pieces then mixed with specially made chilli sauce. Again, this reddish dish does not taste as spicy as I imagine it would be. Upon biting onto the mushrooms, small amount of moisture is released combined with delectable sweetish chilli sauce. The banana leaf gave a slight hint of aroma to the dish.

No meal is complete with a good portion of fibre to make a balanced diet. Kangkung Terasi goes very well with belacan, even better with the Nasi Uduk we had. I like how the chef executed this dish so well that the bright green colour of the water convolvulus is retained, as well as pleasant crunchy texture. A very tiny hint of belacan is present here, I wouldn't mind if it taste stronger to take the whole dish to the next level.

Instead of the usual white rice, we were served nasi uduk which is essentially rice cooked with spices and santan. Nasi Lemak with a twist lol The rice grains were perfectly cooked till fluffy and each morsels are nicely separated. The nasi had a pleasant light santan aroma, not as heavy as our usual nasi lemak. To be honest I can't really detect the smell from the spices, as the santan fragrance was more apparent.

Aggrek Kuring (opposite Maybank)
No. 30-1, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong 
47100 Selangor.

03-8062 8050

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