Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I won the biggest prize in my life

On December 2012, I have been focusing on participating a contest on OpenRice, Malaysia's most comprehensive dining guide. The contest titled "Eat, Share and be Foodful" lasted for around 2.5 months until end of February 2013. OpenRicer who submits the most food reviews wins iPhone 5 as grand prize. Other terms and conditions apply but too long to be written here.

At first the minimum reviews of 300 to be submitted nearly scares me off, all I thought was how am I going to write so many reviews in this short period. I questioned myself whether I really want this and my capability. Since I had so much free time because of waiting for exam results to be released, I figured out why not try to aim for iPhone 5. And my Android phone is really giving me a hard time, laggy until I want to throw it against the wall (that was how frusfrated I am LOL).

As time passes by, I was constantly writing minimum number of reviews per day with my own calculated quota in order to balance out my 'workload' (typical future accountants haha). Seriously I have been sitting in front of laptop the whole day, with my fingers constantly dancing on the keyboard. Some people might think why would I work so hard for that as they don't find it worth the effort. But it was my passion of sharing thoughts on food with others that kept my spirit and determination going.

It may sound like a long long story, but all was worth it. Finally I have won the grand prize =D This is never made possible without support from fellow OpenRicers, bloggers, friends, family and of course OpenRice. It was great knowing other OpenRicers through MakanVentures, a food review session where we enjoyed food as well as socializing.

Now I know the meaning of "hard work being paid off". Determination can push one's limits. I can tell you that I have never been so determined before.

Victory fist

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