Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrating Mid-Autumn with Mooncakes @ Genting Highlands

I was lucky enough to be the plus one of my friend from #MoFE, Evelyn, to travel up to the cool destination to savour more than 10 types of mooncakes. We were served hot Chinese Tea to pair it with many types of mooncakes.

Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste (new)- RM10.50+

It would be better if the Kiwi Paste taste stronger. A little too mild for my liking.

Snow Skin Mango Paste- RM10.50+

The mango's taste is not too artificial and overpowering.

(Left) White Butter Skin with Pandan Sweet Corn Paste Yolk- RM11+
Interesting buttery and fragrant skin with good combination of fillings.

(Right) Healthy White Lotus Paste with Spirulina Skin- RM11.50+
I thought that the grassy fragrant from the skin will taste weird but it didn't. It was just mild in flavour and acceptable.

(Left) White Lotus Paste with Ginseng and Red Dates (new)- RM11.50+
The combination gives a smiliar taste to Loh Hon Guo. This really suits my taste.

(Right) Sweet Corn Paste with Chesnut (new)- RM11.50+
Contains wonderful natural sweet taste from the chesnut. As a result it kinda overpowered sweet corn's taste. But overall was alright for me.

Durian Lotus Paste- RM10.50+
I expected a strong durian flavour but it tasted a little too mild.

 White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame Yolk (new)- RM11.50+
Love the genuine sweet black sesame taste with the savoury yolk. Makes a good combination.

Red Bean Paste- RM7.80+
Very traditional taste of mooncake and not too sweet, paired with kuaci slices.

 Low Sugar White Lotus Paste- RM11+
 Again traditional mooncake and not too sweet. Suitable for health conscious people.

Green Tea Lotus Paste- RM10.50+
The green tea taste was not very prominent. Would taste great if green tea flavour is brought out further.

Lotus Paste with Single Yolk- Rm11+

Lotus Paste with Double Yolk- RM11.50+
The more yolk, the better =D

Golden Jade with Single Yolk- RM11+
Another favourite 'Fei Chui' flavour of mine. Can't go wrong with this signature mooncake that every brand should have.

Assorted Nuts 'Ng Yan'- RM11+
Crunchy and fragrant thanks to different mix of nuts inside like sesame, almond and others.

Money God Cookie- Rm4.40 (2 pieces per pack)
Like the pure mooncake skin without any filling? This is for you =) I used to like this when I was younger because sweet fillings inside the mooncake are not my cup of tea. But now, I love them both! =D

The man behind all the gorgeous mooncakes, Chef Gan. Thank you Chef!

They are currently having promotion where 20% discount given for early birds from 15 July till 15 August 2012. You can get 30% discount as well when 50 boxes (of 4 nos) and above is purchased from 15 July till 30 September 2012. You can get them from the locations below:

-Genting Palace
-Lao Di Fang Entrance
-Good Friends Restaurant
-Resort Hotel Lobby
-Hainan Express @ TPH
-Hainan Kitchen
-Coach Cafe
-One Hub Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur

Next up, getting our hands on to make mooncakes! =D

Stay tuned for the next post!

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