Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bubbles & Bites, Highlands Hotel

Our day making mooncakes in Genting Highlands has not ended yet. We proceeded to the newly opened restaurant for late lunch. The name of the restaurant gave me a cheerful impression. Let's see whether it will be the same upon entering.

A casual Continental Cottage Cuisine with a Rustic concept that serves fresh and honest food with specialize in pizza and pasta.

Purplish and elegant violet themed restaurant, easpecially for the females they will like the place here. Good selection of pop songs enhanced the overall ambiance.

Other food varies from Western, Burgers & Sandwich, Snacks, Salad and Dessert.

Selection of desserts

Eye-pleasing ingredients and food available at the open counter

Partial open style kitchen

Beverages like sparkling wine, wines, champagne, beers from all around the world, alcoholic soda and ciders and selection of soft drinks
The Menu

My choice of alcoholic beverage

8 hour slow braised lamb shank, served on cous cous

The meat was very tender but not until the mushy stage, leaving slight pleasant chewy texture. Loved the balance of spices in the gravy. It was my first time trying cous cous and it taste like fluffy, tiny rice grains. Raisins added in it gave a hint of sweetness.

al dente Spaghetti cooked with wine, garlic, tomato and seafood sauce.

The tomato based sauce lacked fragrance like how I used to like my mum's version. It was less salty to my liking but you can always add salt in your food as they use very little natural salt in their seasoning.

Loose Pasta Frittata- Pasta omelette with spicy garlic sausages, egg and cheese.

Indeed a very interesting dish as shorts strands of pasta are fried with other ingredients mentioned into a pancake shape. Tasted decent.

Caesar Salad- with smoked salmon.

Fresh and crisp lettuces coated with right amount of dressing

Home-style Macaroni & Cheese
The best Mac & Cheese that I've ever had! Macaroni was cooked perfectly al-dente, coated with luscious creamy cheese sauce. It didn't taste too overpowering and jelak easily. A highly recommended signature dish.

Peri-peri Chicken Wings

Freshly fried wings with your usual Nando's most spicy Peri- peri sauce. The sauce might be a little tad too spicy but that brought out the overall taste. It was alright for me.

Isle of Capri- Rich tomato base with sliced turkey ham, mushrooms, spanish red onions, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, grilled red capsicum & plump anchovies

It would taste better if more tomato sauce is spreaded on the pizza base as it tasted a little dry. Decent pizza though.

Thai Red Curry Seafood Pizza - Thai Red Curry sauce base, tiger prawns, marinated calamari, mussels, mushroom and lychee with mozzarella.

I love anything spicy. This has got to be my favourite pizza by far. The sauce has the aromatic plus spicy kick to it and a hint of sweetness, definitely much better than the similar Royal Masala from Pizza Hut. Seafood was definitely fresh. Did you notice there were lychees too? I would say it is a great idea as the added fruity sensation makes this a perfect pizza, Asian style.

Lam Lee Burger- B & B's take on the signature classic Malaysian street burger. Served with fries

Freshly ground beef made into patty and wrapped with egg omelette, like the usual Ramlee style burger. I didn't try this because I personally can't take beef. Fries were fat and juicy though.

Strawberry Margharita

Bread & Butter Pudding

Served warm to us. Immediate thumbs up after taking the first bite of it. Love the soft, smooth and eggy pudding with fragrant buttery bread. Tasted not too sweet as well.

Traditional Tiramisu, served with candy floss

Another favourite dessert of mine. Soft pillowy coffee sponge with good amount of mascarpone cheese. Recommended signature dessert.

Cheese cake, served with candy floss

A bit dissapointing as the cheese was little too dry.

Before we left Genting, we had a mini celebration with two bottles of champagne.

Awesome peeps I met during #MoFE 2.0

Bubbles & Bites, Level 2, Highlands Hotel
Operation hour: (Mon to Thurs)  11am to 12am
                           (Fri to Sun, Eve of PH & PH) 11am to 2am

Selling Price: A'la Carte


Cindy said...

the tiramisu taste is disappointing too but I luv the cotton candy on the side...

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

Maybe I still haven't tried the better versions of Tiramisu out there ;)

Fluffy FurFer said...

first time seeing cafe serving cotton candy with tiramisu lol.

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

Same here. A rather interesting presentation method

Sarah said...

woww.. Cheesecake with cotton candy, definitely something new ! :)

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

@Sarah yea but much better if the cheesecake is not too dry ;)