Friday, June 24, 2011

Mbuji Coffee Appreciation Night

Thanks to Mbuji and Miko Lim, I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to learn more about coffee which is totally beyond my knowledge about it.
I attended two days of the coffee session. First day was basic knowledge about the various types of coffee, second day being making our own coffee mocktail (does not contain alchohol).
Lets see what have we done on Day 2 =)

Various types of utensils and ingredients ranging from fruits, eggg, syrups, cocoa powder and others were provided.
We are required to use minimum 3 ingredients, one of it being coffee as basic to make our very own coffee mocktail. Creativity is much needed as the best mocktail will be featured in Mbuji's menu. The flavours of ingredients must not overpower each other. Knowledge from Day 1 of basic coffee will be needed.
My team members and I came up with a drink named "Summer Paradise" which consists of mixture of orange juice, passionfruit syrup and of course the basic ingredient- 2 shots of espresso. The froth is made from egg whites. We whisked it until fluffy. Let's see what is the result...

It tasted quite good actually. Own creation always sounds better right? =P
Check out the coffee mocktails prepared by other groups.
It was a memorable session learning how to make coffee mocktail by our own. Hands on experience is a value added advantage in learning new things. Nice meeting new friends too.
Mbuji Cafe
IOI Mall, Puchong
New Wing, 2nd floor
Opposite Padini Concept Store.

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