Friday, May 27, 2011

Rev-up by Revive Isotonic!

Two days ago, I tweeted a tweet saying that I'm craving something with seaweed, maybe sushi?
And guess what, the Revive Crew saw my tweet and wanted to grant my request. I was like oh my god is this really happening? I thought they were just joking, but I'm wrong.
They really delivered sushi from Sushi King all the way to my place- Sunway University!

The friendly revive crew member =)
Apparently, many people out there are also getting #RevUp from the Revive Crew. From movie tickets, Sunway Lagoon All Park entrance tickets, birthday cake and even cendol! So sweet of them for fulfilling our wishes...

Ta-da! Coupled with refreshing Revive Isotonic drink to go with the lovely sushi =D
Thank you so much to the Revive Team for the #RevUp! You guys are awesome!

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