Sunday, October 4, 2015

Leong's Kitchenette @ USJ 21, Subang Jaya

Recently, I was craving for porridge due to stress from work that resulted in poor appetite. Plain porridge could be a boring dish to most of us, especially when it is consumed when one is not feeling well too. How about some fried porridge that has extra wok hei and the toppings/ingredients that complements it well? Thanks to Auntie Lily from, I had a good opportunity to try the fried porridge which not many places in KL is offering. We also had

Don't be deceived by the plain colour as compared to those dark versions. The porridge is fried with egg and then topped with ingredients such as mackerel fish, abalone slices, salted egg, century egg or minced pork. The porridge base has a deliciously smooth texture, pleasant sweet taste from the broth, with a hint of wok hei. Of all the toppings selection, I liked mackerel the most, followed by abalone slices.

Fried Porridge with Mackerel (RM10.50)
 Fried Porridge with Abalone Slices (RM12.00)

Fried Porridge with Salted Egg (RM6.50)
add century egg RM1.50
 Fried Porridge with Minced Pork (RM6.50)

Watercress Soup (RM6.00)

Can't go wrong with comfort bowl of soup with watercress, pork ribs, red dates and wolfberries.

Asam Squid (RM22.00)

Tender squid cooked until just right, with appetizing sour and fairly spicy asam gravy that goes very well with steamed rice. A good dish to awake the tastebuds as kickstart to richer flavored dishes later on.

French Beans in Salted Egg Yolk - RM10/RM14 (small/large)

Crunchy fresh greens coated with generous amount of salted egg yolk with curry leaves and birds eye chillies - can't go wrong with anything with salted egg yolk and it just hits the spot.

Pumpkin Homemade Beancurd (RM22.00)

In-house made beancurd with enoki mushrooms, prawns and sliced carrots in pumpkin sauce. A very healthy dish suitable for the young and elderly folks. I would prefer stronger pumpkin flavours in the gravy to make this dish stand out more.

Hong Kong Style Chicken Wings (RM22.00)

Crispy fried chicken wings with fried bits of onions and other spices. Similar to salt & pepper versions. Although this came a little salty, but most of us still enjoy it very much. Definitely goes well with beer.

Curry Fish Head - RM22.00 (small), RM32 (large)

Generous portion of fish head and abundance of vegetables such as cabbage, long beans and brinjal in thick curry gravy. The fish head slices did not disappoint as they were fresh and sweet. The gravy was really thick and had a nice kick from the blend of spices, again goes very well with steamed rice.

Here comes the main highlight of our dinner - none other than crabs sourced from Indonesia.

Salt Baked Crabs (RM65/kg- on promotion)

Crabs being steamed and then baked with water, salt and butter in the wok, turns out to be an impressive dish. That was definitely simplicity at its best, it brings out the total sweetness and freshness of the crabs.

Milky Spicy Crabs (RM65/kg- on promotion)

Hands down - one of the best butter gravy crabs around. Thick gravy that has rich flavours that just hit the spot and coated well with the fresh crabs, heavenly. To complete the experience, you can't miss dipping fried mantou into the scrumptious gravy - finger licking good!

Fried Mantou - RM7 (6 pcs), RM9 (9 pcs)
add on milky spicy gravy RM3

Beancurd Barley (RM2.70)
The beancurd barley added a sweet ending to our meal. The concoction was thick enough yet not too sweet, filled with some beancurd and barley to give additional texture. The secret ingredient here was evaporated milk which makes this dessert an enjoyable one.

Their signature Ice Lime Jelly (RM3) (middle in the picture below) is not to be missed as well. Each of us had almost three servings, it was really refreshing and pleasant to drink.

The Passionfruit Juice (RM3.80) (left) and Pumpkin Barley (RM2) (right) was recommended as well, especially the latter being a healthy drink and taste deliciously homemade.

I'm definitely going back for their signature fried porridge and crabs. They are located conveniently near to Main Place Shopping Mall.


Leong's Kitchenette
5-1, Jalan USJ 21/7
47620 Subang Jaya

Operating hours
Monday to Friday: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12.00pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.00pm                         
Closed on last Wednesday & Thursday of the month

Tel: 012-662 6389 / 012-255 5302