Saturday, October 11, 2014

Purple Pasta, Oasis Ara Damansara

Thanks to Jackson from Foodirector, I had the opportunity to sample beautifully created dishes from 
Purple Pasta Cafe, Oasis Ara Damansara which is a fairly new area around Citta Mall.

Simple interior but my only complaint is the air cond was rather warm and lack of numerous dining tables
 due to smaller cafe area.


Prawn Ceviche 

Semi raw prawns with purple cabbage and onions
The fresh prawns although is acquired taste for some diners, it has bouncy and succulent texture which 
complements well with the sourish and crunchy vege goodness. When served rather chilled, this is a good 
appetizer to start with.

Garden Salad- RM8
Fresh crisp green leaves with Balsamic & Ceasar dressing. I've never thought these two kinds of 
dressing can work so well together.

Prawn Thermidor
The extremely sweet and succulent prawn is further enhanced by the torched cream cheese on top, very 
addictive and nicely executed. Hidden beneath is some stir fried halved brussel sprouts, with a little softer 
texture than expected. Indeed a luxurious and beautifully presented dish at a affordable price, which is
Purple Pasta's concept.

Lamb Marinara- RM5
They say simplest thing is the hardest to make. For example, this tomato based sauce can be either too 
sour or watery. This version here satisfied my appetite of craving for Marinara as it was just sour enough.
 Simple and satisfying. The meatball was excellent in my books as the toothsome texture which did not 
dissapoint. It was adequately mixed with spices too, one is just not enough.

Authentic Carbonara- RM5

By mixing al dente pasta, garlic and poached egg, you get to enjoy Carbonara in the most original and 
authentic way. Anyhow, I still prefer creamy based Carbonara as this was a little too bland for me. 

Fra Diavolo Mutton
One word. Superb. This plate of heaven has a secret ingredient inside when making the mutton chunks- dark
chocolate. The creamy yet little spicy sauce was very wicked and addictive. The mutton chunks were 
cooked till very tender soft, very nice to go with well boiled pasta. This plate of goodness is being licked 
clean in no time. Must try!

Salmon Tartare
Cubed fresh salmon and finely diced pears mixed with ebikko mayo, topped with torched cream cheese. 
A great combination of flavours and textures as the sweet salmon complemented the crunchy pears very 
well, even better with the creamy yet not too overpowering ebikko mayo. The cream cheese just makes 
everything taste so good. It would be even better if this dish is served cold. 

Poached Chicken & Smoked Duck 
Simple and healthy dish that I don't mind having everyday! The creamy and nicely seasoned mashed 
potato still has tiny potato bits that provided extra texture, not to mention going with the perfectly
 cooked brown sauce makes this dish being simplicity at its best. The sliced chicken breast was not too try,
 smoked duck breast was commendable too. 

Thrice Sugar Latte

 The star here is the unique shining Violet Sugar named Azuleta, which is made from Lavendar. We managed to try  one teaspoon each on its own and it's not too sweet at all, explains that this is a good sugar substitute in your favourite drinks especially coffee.

 Iced Chocolate


Pretty good in balanced chocolate flavour and coffee aroma but a little diluted. 
Purple Pasta Cafe

D-G-06, Block D, 
Oasis Square, 
No.2A,  Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 
Ara Damansara,  
Petaling Jaya.

Contact: +603-7859 9998

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