Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Zealand Natural @ The Curve

New Zealand Natural has recently being transformed into a café offering not just only ice cream but also waffle, sundaes, smoothies, pastries and others! The comfortable and relaxing dining environment is made better by pastel colored sofas and simple wood floors. Now you can buy your favourite ice cream and sit down by reading some books and magazines provided. A simple setting like this is very ideal for friends and family gatherings.

We started our sweet Friday night with Waffle Dazzle (RM9.90)- Classic waffle & a scoop of creamy ice cream. Better to be eaten while it’s warm, it has slight crispy edges with fluffy texture yet firm enough to provide satisfying bite along with some vanilla extract aroma. Pair the warm waffle with generous amount of almond flakes, chocolate drizzle and tempting ice cream, it was a plate of happiness and satisfaction.

Old Fashioned-Doughnut (RM2) with additional ice cream topping (RM6.90 per scoop).

Simple little pastry with soft yet firm texture goes great with our choice of Cookies & Cream ice cream.

Banana Split (RM19.90)- Chocolate Ecstasy, Boysenberry Dream & Vanilla Classic Ice Creams with bananas. The intense chocolate flavoured ice cream will definitely please most of the chocolate lovers out there, being the most memorable one in this dessert.

Yoghurt Pudding Sundae (RM11.90)- Mango Yoghurt ice cream with Mango Pudding. Fantastic combo bursting with non-artificial mango freshness along with refreshing yoghurt aftertaste. Absolutely love this and I will be back for more!

Triple Chocolate Muffin & Wild Blueberry Muffin (RM6 each)- Huge warm muffins perfect for breakfast and tea time! The earlier was very sinfully chocolate-y with gooey center while the latter was just decent. These soft muffins are easily kids and even adults’ favourite! Now I know where to get chocolate muffin fix after a stressful long day at work.

Chunky Double Chocolate Cookie & Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Cookie (RM4.50)- With such a large piece of cookie with great taste and very affordable pricing, I would say it’s a steal! Crunchy, not too hard yet rich flavours- these make ideal on the go snacks. Besides from the rich chocolate muffin, the generous raisins in the latter was a plus point that gave sourish sweet tinge.  

Moving on to sweet and savoury pastries...

 Toasted Almond Bar (RM3.50)

 Chicken Rendang Puff (RM 4)

Spicy Tuna Puff (RM4)

Average tasting and reasonably priced. Do check out the pastries counter shown below for daily offerings.

I scream for ice cream!

 Affogato (newest flavour to date)

Superfruit Sorbet- All natural sorbet, combining the zest of pomegranate with blackcurrant, Goji berry & passionfruit. All in all this is a super yummy, zero fat and healthy ice cream. Exactly not too sour yet full of Vitamin C goodness!

Mango Sorbet (top) & Durian Durian (bottom)- Consistent durian flavor yet too strong.

Smoothies (RM9.90 each)- All smoothies also contain Banana, Lychee and crushed ice.

Apple Berry Blush- Red Apple Juice & Berryfruit Sorbet. Great combo and very refreshing.

Melon Spring Time- Watermelon Juice & Passionfruit Sorbet.

Illy Coffee

Espresso (RM5.90)

Mocha (RM7.90)- Balanced coffee and chocolate taste. Decent cup of Joe but could be better with some nice coffee art :P

Tea (RM6.90 each)- Dilmah Tea

Organic Rooibos Tea (top)
Pure Chamomile Flowers (bottom left)
Moroccan Mint Green Tea (bottom right)



New Zealand Natural can be found at branches stated below:


  • The Curve
  • KLCC
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Tropicana City Mall
  • Setia City Mall

Wifi: Yes (all branches)


Facebook page: New Zealand Natural

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