Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant @ Kiara Walk

Fusion Japanese food has always been on my eating list, as I thought it is great to try interesting fusion Japanese dishes apart from the authentic ones. Located at a relatively quiet area in Sri Hartamas near to Garden International School, it is an area that I hardly venture into. But the restaurant was quite easy to be spotted as it is just located facing the main road.
 Cozy dining environment
We started off with this beautifully presented Gyu Tataki, a beef appetizer dish. The owner of this restaurant takes pride in the beef dishes, encouraging beef lovers should try them out. The other foodies had no complaints on this dish, as the sauce paired well with the well textured beef slices topped with mushrooms.

 Salmon Carpaccio

Slices of raw salmon sashimi sandwiched in between picked radish slices, topped with sliced ladyfingers in specially mixed soy sauce. The salmon slices were definitely fresh and succulent, completed with the fragrant soy sauce that complements well without covering freshness of the salmon. I liked how the pickled thin radish slices provided crunchiness and sour tinge to the overall experience.
  Chicken Nanban
One of the best seller appetizer dishes in Yuu-jo. Crunchy fried boneless chicken coated with soy based sauce, served with Tartar sauce and salad. The chicken was very nicely marinated, making it salty in a good way- definitely good to go with steamed rice. While the exterior was cruncy, the interior still remains juicy like how a good fried chicken dish should be. The tartar sauce which comprised of crabmeat and hardboiled egg provided creamy texture to the chicken as dipping sauce, even better with refreshing crunchy salad on the side. Indeed, it a good appetizer choice before savouring the main dishes, filling up the tummy quite a bit.

  Seafood Tempura
Tempura done right should have light, thin, crunchy batter coated on food items. This dish consisting prawn, imitation crabmeat sticks and Shiso leave was pretty decent. Dip them with some hot tempura sauce served on the side to provide extra flavours.

  Salmon Plate
Grilled salmon served with fried Udon and boiled vegetables. The main character salmon was nicely grilled until the right doneness, preserving its slightly juicy texture. Paired with the soya sauce and fried garlic slices is a simple yet perfect match. Now, the fried Udon is certainly a special side line resembling French fries, but definitely a healthier option. Crunchy on the outside while slightly chewy on the inside, do enjoy them before it turns cold.

Niku Curry Rice
The Japanese curry sauce is also made in house, not just the usual Japanese curry gravy packets. I can tell the goodness of homemade elements, as a lot of onions are used to contribute that extra pleasant natural sweet flavours, which a packet sauce cannot achieve this result. I can just brush aside the usual packet sauces and just stick to this choice as long as I can. According to the foodies, the thinly sliced beef was delicious too pairing well with the awesome curry gravy and hot steamed Japanese short grain rice.

Wasabi Beef- Beef Steak Wasabi with Teriyaki Sauce
My fellow foodie friends enjoyed the torched while still remain half done and slightly pinkish in the centre beef slices. The wasabi flavour was not overwhelming, while the relatively thick cut of the beef definitely pleases the taste buds of beef lovers.
 Neba Neba Cold Udon

I love the colours of this dish- consisting ladyfingers, Natto, mushrooms, grated mountain yam, tempura scraps, pickles, seaweed and egg yolk. Well, Natto is not that scary/ disgusting actually. Mix everything together and you will get a creamy dish. While I like the texture of the Udon indicating its right doneness, the overall flavour is just not my cup of tea. Perhaps this dish is good for raw and slimy food lovers.

  Seafood Sushi Rice
Prawns, squids, imitation crabmeat strips, tamago cubes, corn, Edamame beans and tobikko mixed in vinegared sushi rice. A healthy dish with freshness from the seafood and crunchiness from the vegetables, at the same time extra umami flavour from the tobikko with its ratio mixed just right in proportion to the rice. To me it is a perfect dish when you have no appetite for other heavy flavoured dishes on a hot day.

If you need a clearer picture of the location, do enlarge the map below for your reference.

B1-B3 Kiara Walk,
Kiara Designer Suites,
No. 18, Jalan Kiara 3,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours
11.30a.m. - 3.15p.m.
6.00p.m. - 10.00p.m.

Contact number: 03-6206 5273


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