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Savaro by Felda @ Publika

The garden like exterior that resembles British style seating area almost had me expecting dishes other than Malay delicacies. All I could think of is having a cup of tea with a slice of cake over conversation with friends. In actual fact, Savaro does not only serve traditional Malay cuisine, but also Western and Italian fare to cater to customers tastebuds.

Clean and simple private room interior
Tomato Bruschetta

Layer of garlic spread, tomato, olive oil, onion, garlic and lime juice on toasted bruschetta

Refreshing mix of vegetables on a well toasted bruschetta while having the right thickness to provide a wholesome bite. Not many places will provide the garlic spread, it definitely added flavour as well as preventing the bruschetta from turning soggy due to juices from the vege. This is a simple food yet being done right.
Ciabiatta Melt

Melted Parmesan cheese, pesto sauce, capsicium, pepper on toasted ciabiatta

If you want a richer tasting appetizer, this is an alternative choice. Although I felt that the pesto sauce did not contribute appealing flavour, but I believe this is an interesting and creative addition that not many places have this. Needless to say, the cheese and vege blends well on crunchy and thick ciabatta slice.
CharPrawn Mango Salad

Essentially a fusion salad between Asian and Western flavours. The colour combination of ingredients such as provides a very fresh, colourful and inviting look. The dressing is done using fruits, provided a very refreshing base coating on crunchy salad leaves but better if more dressing is provided as we find it lack in portion to enhance the richness of taste. Minimal seasoning is done on the succulent prawns, while the mango cubes were satisfyingly sweet.
Mushroom Soup
A fine blend of mushrooms topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions. Easily one of the best around. This is not the creamy type but thick enough to make you think that it is, yet very taste fulfilling. At a point of time it reminds me of eating very fine grounded oats, not a bad thing though. Even better with the fragrant mushrooms and incredibly sweet yet aromatic caramelized onions. Definitely a favourable topping which makes it rather special and tasty.
Broccoli Soup
As far as mama says you must eat your vege, I liked this soup too considering its health benefits and of course, the rather thick consistency soup filled with blended broccoli, topped with boiled broccoli pieces and caramelized onions. Again, the onions just brought the taste of soup to whole new level, brilliantly done in my books.
Roti Jala
A popular Malaysian delicacy that I have missed eating it so much. The yellowish roti that has texture similar with roti canai goes well with the thick and spice filled chicken curry served on the side.

Taragon Chicken Sandwich
Grilled marinated chicken slice sandwiched between toasted bread, served open-sandwich style. This definitely scored extra points on the presentation. The chicken was nicely grilled resulting in slightly charred smokey flavours, followed by deep marinade flavour which enhances appetite to crave for more.

 Nasi Briyani Lamb
Nasi Briyani and lamb curry lovers should not miss this dish. The fragrant rice had a fluffy texture filled with aromatic spices, while the accompanying lamb curry immediately sent me to heaven upon first bite. The lamb pieces were incredibly tender, sitting in the rich and absolutely divine gravy that goes very well with the briyani rice. Served with acar on the side. A highly recommended dish.


Savaro Noodle- Mixture between Mee Bandung & Prawn Noodles.
I am not a fan of yellow noodles due to its alkaline flavour and I'll only eat them with rich spicy broth like laksa but not chicken soup for example. For this, the broth was bursting with flavours mainly from prawn essence and kicking chilli sensation. Upon the first sip, the spicy flavours immediately hit the senses followed by sweet aftertaste. While the alkaline taste of the yellow noodles were very minimal or non existent, the broth tasted more to sweet side towards the end. A poached egg and beef slices were served on top providing extra flavours and beautiful presentation.

Nasi Lemak Pandan

The fluffy rice was mildly infused with coconut milk so that it is not too rich to cover pandan flavours. Everyone of us liked the sambal very much- balance of spicy and sweet flavours goes well with the rice. As for the pandan chicken, the exterior had enough marinade flavours but they did not seep into the meat further. The management had addressed this issue and will marinade the chicken pieces for a longer time.

Nasi Goreng Selasih

Although this was mildly fragrant from the addition of a type of Malay herbs called Selasih, the fried rice was overall bland for me. Maybe it's just me, I like my fried rice with full of "wok hei" and seasoning flavours. The pandan chicken had the same feedback as the one served in nasi lemak pandan, could be done much better.

Moving on to the dessert session...
Sago Gula Melaka
Simple sago dessert well enhanced by fragrant and good quality gula Melaka
Pengat Pisang
Pisang Berangan is used in this dessert. It appeared to be the star dessert among us foodies and I personally like this very much. The banana slices were very moresih, goes well with the thick yet superb gula Melaka like 'broth'. The gula Melaka aftertaste which is very close to well cooked caramel is just prefect for satisfying dessert cravings. Indeed, it was a pleasure having this dessert to end our meal. People with sweet tooth will like this, as some might prefer less sweeter version.

Lompat Tikam- Inclined towards Thai style dessert
Love the contrast of colors, green from the coconut custard and red from nasi pulut (glutinuous rice). The coconut custard was very creamy but not overwhelming at the same time evident with rich coconut essence.
Another thing I like about Savaro is the creative drinks that they offer. Not pleasing for the eyes but also very refreshing. What we had that day includes Savaro's signature drink, guava juice, mango yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt and watermelon punch. Drinks with yoghurt base is highly recommended as they are not stingy on addition of yoghurt with good quality fruit puree, making the combination very well accepted.

Savaro by Felda a.k.a Savaro Restaurant Shoppe

Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Beside Fahrenheit 600, near to Ben's)

Contact Number: 03-6206 5044

Opening hours: 10am till 11pm (Daily)

Facebook page: Savaro by Felda



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