Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Blincon Classic Amazing Brown Contact Lens

I always adore and fancy coloured contact lenses, at the same time keeping in mind the product quality to make sure my eyes are well taken care of. One of the best ways to enhance my small eyes is to wear suitable coloured lenses- each colour suits different skin tone as a basic. Not only the appearance, I also believe most of the consumers will want value for money products from a reliable source. I just got to know Glasses Online Malaysia and glad to have known about it - now I know where to get my contact lens supplies with lowest price and even better with online shopping convenience!

My choice would be Classic Amazing Brown as I find the colour suits me the most after trying out so many other colours in these few years.
Product features
Frequency : Quarterly Wear
Base curve : 8.6 mm

My verdict?
Texture - The soft lenses are definitely gentle for the eyes upon insertion. It has a 'slippery' and moist surface feel indicating water content is favourable. Also keep in mind be extra careful when handling by not tearing apart the thin lenses.

Colour & Pattern - Love the natural shade by itself and blends nicely with my eyes. It also provided a slight enlarging effect which does not look too overly enhanced. Definitely a plus point for my small eyes.

Comfort - The right lens fits perfectly but the left one did not when I started wearing it, probably due to my left eye not fitting the base curve that caused minor discomfort? There was a little prickling effect when I rolled my eyeballs up right left and down to relocate it, hoping it would fit nicely like my right eye. Fortunately my left eye get used to it after 3 days of wearing.

I usually face computer screen and stay in air conditioned places frequently, glad that the lenses remain moist after 8 hours of wearing it during working hours. Try not to wear beyond 8 hours as the lens tends to get dry, causing discomfort and blurred vision.


Value for money - RM49 per pair for 3 months usage, you do the maths. Relatively affordable for the quality of lenses that you can get.

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~Happy shopping!~

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