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Go! Burger Kitchen, SetiaWalk Puchong

SetiaWalk is no longer an unfamiliar place especially for Puchong folks, considered as a hot spot great for hanging out in cafes and bars. Parents watching their kids playing on the green grass area beside the restaurants while they are waiting for food to be served, making the place even suitable for families to spend quality time together.


On the food review night, some of us had quite a hard time finding this burger joint. Actually it is very easy to find if you know where CAFFEine is located at. Go! Burger Kitchen (GBK) is located at first floor, just a few shops away from CAFFEine.

I love how the decoration is simple with a twist, seeing from the bright red painted wall, guitars and paintings to enhance the comfortable ambience.
The Menu- Are you up for the Go! liath challenge? ;)
How about enjoying some savings on 'Democracy Hour'? XD 

Sauces counter
We were greeted by the young, humble and enthusiastic owner, Rao. He shared with us his story on how he set up his own burger joint and their types of burger offered. He is open to any comments and suggestions to help improve their menu and taste of food, which is a good business and learning attitude to make their one month old restaurant even better from now :)
GBK uses fresh organic meat and vegetables (except for onions) in making their honest and wholesome burgers. There is no special artsy mix of sauces to go with the burger, just some simple tomato paste smothered on the bun to provide a hint of sourness to stimulate your appetite. How about some cream mustard spinach, salsa or Dijon mustard in your burger? Not a bad choice I would say, compared to the usual boring BBQ sauce. What’s your take?
Burgers in the making
Chef 'burning' the caramelized onions using a cooking torch to further enhance the flavours of onions, melting the cheese as well.
Burgers with fries ready to be served
The Hungry Hog- one of their signature burgers. Essentially comprised of two 4oz pork patties, double bacon, double cheese, onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. The texture of the patty was firm to the bite, with little meat juice oozing out upon using fork to cut up into bite sized pieces. Albeit pink in the centre as well, I could taste the freshness and adequate seasonings. Some of us commented that it is a little too salty, but I find it just nice.

Charcoal buns were reasonably doughy, not until the extent of being hard to chew. On par with myBurgerLab’s version, I felt.

Seducing burger...


Go! Vege- a rather special vegetarian burger comprising patty made from hashbrown and mushroom, with cheese, onion, lettuce plus tomato.
Go! Chicken- grilled chicken breast, caramelized onions, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato.

Go! Swiss- 4oz Australian grass fed beef patty, swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions.

I can’t eat beef so no comments on burgers containing beef. Some of the foodies commented that some of the beef patty taste rather bland. Texture wise it was okay.

The Goblin- 5oz beef patty, grilled beef bacon, cream mustard spinach and tomatoes

Das Nurnberger- Nurnberger pork sausage patty and pork bacon with double cheese, grilled onions and Dijon mustard.

El Chorizo- 5oz pork patty, Chorizo sausages (imported from German), double cheese, GBK salsa & Pringles.

I gotta say this is my favourite burger! Needless to describe the pork patty again, the sausages had a nice firm bite, definitely an interesting addition to burgers. It was a brilliant idea to include salsa here, it gave a little spicy and refreshing twist, crunchy at the same time from the potato chips!

GBK uses French method to make their fries. When the fries float up to oil surface, it indicates moisture inside is drawn out. This is the time when the fries are ready to be taken out from the fryer. I personally prefer fries with texture of potato filling inside. If you prefer your fries to be crunchy, this is for you.

Homemade mustard is available at the sauce counter, good for dipping sauce for fries. This is for those who wants to try mustard but afraid of the pungent taste or smell. Definitely palatable for me as I don’t usually take mustard. If you like strong mustard taste, you will probably find this dipping sauce boring. As I said, there are no fancy sauces here like how other burger joints are offering.

Is it me or what, I find that the consistency of chilli sauce was less thicker :O

Go! Wings- Pre-fried wings then tossed with Heinz sauce. This was quite disappointing as the meat was dry, skin was mushy. The sauce coated on the wings was hardly memorable, it taste more like oriental style sweet and sour sauce.
Overall the pork burgers suit my tastebuds. A good thing I would say if you prefer to savour the patties on its own, tasting its freshness and flavours without additional flavouring like sauces. It made me realized that I am so used to burgers loaded with sauces that sometimes covers the original patty taste. Time to go for original taste, isn’t it? J

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