Saturday, December 22, 2012

Flying with AirAsia to Bali (KUL-DPS)

It has been 6 years since we family last travelled to overseas by plane together. We saw AirAsia's flight promo to Bali on Feb this year and we thought, why not let's go for another trip together =D

Air ticket
We paid about RM317 for flight ticket to and fro per person, including AA Insure Return amount to RM155 for 5 of us.

Flight time

Departure: 1800-2100
Return: 0600-0900

Our departure was delayed for 3 hours plus due to radar at Jakarta spoiled #tripdisaster1. But we told ourselves that is not going to ruin our mood.

Luckily the hotel we stayed at (Wina Holiday Villa, Kuta) is only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. We reached hotel at around 1am plus. Guess what #tripdisaster2, the shower was spoiled -_-! We complained and had to wait until 4am to shower. Went to bed at around 5am. Duh! Luckily the hotel management changed the rooms for us.

Mode of transport for LCCT-Home vice versa
We drove ourselves to LCCT and parked our car at the parking area (Zone A). All we thought was just fine but my dad's car tyre was punctured when we returned to Malaysia -_- sweat big time. Not only we have to pay for parking (RM162+) for about 4 days, but also paid to take bus from LCCT to KL Sentral as well as taxi back home. #tripdisaster3

Talking about going to LCCT, we should have taken the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT. At only RM9 per person times 5 of us, it is definitely much cheaper. Parking at LCCT costs a lot, duh~ lesson learnt.

95% of the planning was done by me, be it places to travel, where to eat and AA flight itinerary stuff. Mistakes made and lesson learnt- do not confuse your first name and last name people!

For baggage, you can pre-book online at AA's website and save up to 66%. We paid RM40 (20kg check-in baggage).

For Malaysians, no Visa is required upon reaching DPS.

Declaration form
The flight attendant from KUL to DPS will hand out the forms and you are required to fill them up. If you have nothing to declare, proceed to Green Zone in DPS. If yes, proceed to Red Zone.

White card
We will need to fill up the white card (arrival and departure card) that will be given by the officers in DPS. Most of the passengers in the same flight with us did not know that so we were blur and don't know where to proceed. No officers were there to guide us what to do. I understand it is midnight already but hey, at least the security guard will tell us what to do. My mum asked the guard and he answered rudely.

I guess that's all about it. I know it is a long essay but I believe those will be important and useful guide for you guys who want to travel to Bali in the future.

More updates about Bali is coming up! :)

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missailing said...

Keliannn Mokky!Airasia really ahh, cannot be trusted. Faster update and tell where to go and eat and all! <3